So Much for The “Aggressor”: Ukrainians Move to Russia En Masse


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

10th May, 2016


Ukraine is becoming a state with a high level of emigration. Political analysts and experts warn that more of the so-called “reform” of the Ukrainian authorities will lead to the fact that in the near future the majority of able-bodied Ukrainians will simply be superfluous in their own country and be forced to leave Ukraine.

Now the Ukrainians are leaving “Independance” en masse. And, significantly, the majority of Ukrainian migrants prefer to move to the so-called “aggressor-country”. Apparently, the current “European” standard of living in Ukraine leaves no hope for improvement, and that’s why many Ukrainians are forced to leave their homes and settled way of life, and whole families to seek shelter in neighboring Russia. Moreover, the majority of Ukrainians have close family ties with Russians. And how would the Kiev spin doctors try to create the appearance of the enemy in Russia, and as if the Ukrainian authorities did not climb out of their skin trying to intimidate people to not resist false propaganda.

Yesterday, the special report by independent experts of the International Sociological Association (IAS) highlighted a disappointing fact for Kiev: every fifth citizen of Ukraine is seriously thinking about emigrating to Russia, and one-third expects to receive a residence permit and the right to work in Russia. Besides, according to international research, one-third of graduates of Ukrainian schools intend to continue their education not in local universities and not even in Sorbonne or Oxford, but at Moscow State University, MGIMO, MIPT, and many more, for example, Rostov, or Novosibirsk state universities.

According to some reports, the intelligence services of Ukraine have already been instructed to track this trend and to create a so-called “lists of potential traitors”.

Today on the territory of the Russian Federation there are already about 2.6 million Ukrainian citizens.

“In 2015, more than four million Ukrainian citizens in the Rostov region drove across the state border of the Russian Federation. Today in Russia there are more than 2.6 million citizens of Ukraine, about two million of whom arrived from South-Eastern regions of the country,” said the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yuri Chaika.

According to unofficial data, today in Russia there are about 4 million Ukrainians.

Illegal in Poland

The number of Ukrainian migrants, who in March of this year crossed the Polish border, has increased by a quarter (23%) compared to the same period last year, reports the Polish website using data from the Polish border service. They say that it is the largest growth in immigration to Poland from other countries. For example, over the same period migration from Belarus to Poland increased by only 0.5%, and migration from the Russian border to 4.4%.

In general, almost 900,000 people drove from Ukraine to Poland last month. The number of labour migrants from Ukraine in Poland, according to official figures, is at least 1 million people and could reach 3 million. In the past year, the number of official work permits in the country issued to Ukrainians amounted to more than 700,000, which is twice more than in 2014. Besides, as the website states, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are working in Poland illegally while receiving a salary significantly lower than the Poles or even migrants from Romania and Bulgaria.

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And where are you going “онижедети”*?

An interesting study recently conducted by well-known journalist Anatoly Shary. He, in turn, also decided to ask students from Western Ukraine about the prospects they expect in their country and what they intend to do after graduation.

So, the crew went to Ternopil to conduct a survey to know the opinion of Ukrainian students – where in the world they wish to live and work. The survey’s results are not encouraging – even “Patriotic” Ukrainian youth from the Western regions, those maidan “онижедети*” do not see a future for themselves in today’s Ukraine and want to move to other countries. The students answers were: UK, USA, Italy, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Poland, France, Switzerland, Monaco, Norway, and even Australia and Japan.

“In the event of success, 98% will become nothing, will live “paycheck to paycheck”. 2% will be successful and known, but in another country…”, commented Anatoly Shary on his page in Facebook on the results of the survey.

In the near future there will be 10-15 million “unnecessary” Ukrainians

It is no longer a secret that the current Ukraine is led by not Poroshenko or Groisman, but the IMF and the United States. And judging by their sincere statements, they intend to transform Ukraine from an industrial giant to a so-called “agricultural superpower”. This policy of turning the country into an agrarian complex, will lead to the fact that very soon, not 3-4 million but 10-15 million Ukrainians will just be extra people in their own country, and will be forced to leave in order to somehow feed themselves and their families. But there is nothing worse to state that people are fleeing en masse their country and are willing to work  abroad with anyone, just to survive.

“I would have to learn Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish, and so on – here is the geography of Ukrainian workers. Talk about the fact that the Ukrainians are emigrating is real. Statistics show that half of the Ukrainian young people under the age of 25 years cannot see a future in their country. And it’s very scary, because the loss of plants, loss of industry segments, it is possible to fill, but it does not make up for the loss of potential. They will halloo to one another for centuries” — the political strategist Andrey Zolotarev said in an interview to Politnavigator, making a disappointing conclusion.

Besides, those sweet melodies of “agricultural superpower”, which calms the minds of ordinary Ukrainians in the country, meanwhile,  the remains of the once powerful Ukrainian industry are sold and stolen.

“It is we, Ukrainians, who were building the planes, ships, and spacecraft. It is we, Ukrainians, who who were building a nuclear power plant, created and built heavy machinery, chemical production facilities, and metallurgy. It is we, Ukrainians, who are carriers of age-old traditions of our ancestors and proudly carry the memory of the victories of our ancestors over all the world’s tyrants. And the lot of this foam is to be an agrarian power and to serve the one who will pay for this devilry and madness. But it will not always be like that… Together we shall restore order in our house, will bring peace and prosperity and will return to our people confidence in the future of their children and grandchildren. There is not long left of the decay”, – said the Deputy of three convocations of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, co-founder of Committee of rescue of Ukraine Volodymyr Oliynyk.

In these tough times the government should best protect its people, to contain sudden changes and try to save jobs, the whole scientific-technical and economic potential. Economic feasibility and social support should form the basis of the existence of the state, not false slogans of the mythical tales wrapped in hatred for a neighboring country. Otherwise, the failure cannot be avoided, and instead prosperous European country, we will get a scorched desert and cities will die.


* онижедети = a pejorative way of saying “they are just children”

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