Storms and Mortars: Industrial Zone and Sakhanka Come Under UAF Fire Once Again

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

15th May


After the expected failure of the Normandy get-together, aggravation at the front was more than predictable, and it is slowly gaining momentum, and although so far the weather acts against Donetsk, despite the storm and rain, it didn’t put  off the UAF from coming back again.

For most of yesterday they went to Avdiivka, to the industrial area, and Sakhanka.

By the way, the battle at the Industrial zone has not stopped, and from the very beginning of, and even during, the holiday of “pacification”, the only difference was the lack of heavy artillery shelling.

Yesterday, under the cover of rain, the UAF again tried to attack the position of the defenders of the city, launching attacks before it got dark. The fighting continued there at midnight. Punishers fired mortars of all calibers, small arms, and heavy artillery.

After the response from the DPR, they immediately ran to complain to the press center of the ATO headquarters about how the evil “separatists” responded to artillery fire with small arms, rocket-propelled grenades, heavy machine guns, and mortars of 82mm and 120mm calibers. According to reports from the scene, prohibited mortars were used, especially of 120mm caliber.

At the same time, the saga in the south of the Republic continued, which began last year with the confrontation in Shirokino. As was previously reported by the ministry, the UAF subjected the village of Sakhanka in the Novoazovsk Raion district in the south of the DPR to a massive bombardment. According to the DPR Ministry of Defence, they fired for more than 170 min.

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“The shelling of Sakhanka by the Ukrainian side started at 17:00 and finished at around 20:00. A total of 172 shells of 82 mm caliber were fired,” the ministry told reporters.

They added that the enemy was shooting from positions near the frontline village of Shirokino. Along with the mortars, the Ukrainian side also used grenade launchers and small arms. Information on victims and the destruction is yet to be specified.

According to them, also previously under UAF fire today was the surrounding area of Donetsk airport and the village of Spartak in the Northern suburbs of the capital.

There were short-term skirmishes with AGS, mortars, and small arms fixed on the direction of Dokuchayevsk.

Yesterday the UAF fired at positions of the LPR militia. This was reported by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic. The small arms fire was coming from the direction of an urban-type settlement in Luhansk in the village of Kalynivka. “There were no losses,” noted the militia.

The aggravation, of course, was recorded, but in order to understand why the OSCE do not mention the crimes from Ukraine, here is a quote from RIA Novosti: “OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine reported violations of the ceasefire regime in the Donetsk region, reads the statement of the press service of the mission.”

“Observers noted exploding shells and machine gun fire near the town of Svitlodarsk, controlled by government forces in the Donetsk region. Gunfire and six unidentified explosions occurred in the area of Shirokino – 20 kilometers from Mariupol. 13 were heard near the Central railway station of Donetsk, which is controlled by DPR forces. Ceasefire violations have also been recorded in the town of Yasinovataya and Avdeyevka,” said Saturday’s observers report for May 12th-13th”.

Let me explain “in the area of the village Shirokino – 20 kilometers from Mariupol” — this is Sakhanka. They cannot write openly that UAF fired at Sakhanka, and on the contrary, anyone who will read this will be sure that the bombardment was in Shirokino, where the UAF troops are. One can draw conclusions on who was shooting by themselves.

So here there is sleight of hand but no fraud.

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