The Secret of The “Blazing Sun”: How a Deadly Fire Flower Reveals Itself

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

22nd May, 2016


In the world of weapons, there is a real king of the flamethrowers, which was named “Blazing Sun”. To be more precise, it is not quite a flamethrower, rather a heavy flamethrower system on the platform of a T-72.

The uniqueness of this system is that it is has no analogues in the world and it is in service with the Russian army. This system uses unguided rockets of 220 mm caliber. Quantity – 24 pieces.

These shells allow the operator to hit the live and armoured enemy forces at a distance of 600 to 6,000 metres.

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The “Blazing Sun” is manufactured in Omsk, at the Siberian branch of the famous Uralvagonzavod. From the tank, the “Blazing Sun” acquires power, speed, and armor, only instead of a tower and a so-called chair – it has a launcher platform with shells.

“Blazing Sun” has been adopted by troops for chemical protection, and no one fights alone. The king of flamethrowers is an armourbearer – the loading vehicle is assembled too at the Omsk plant.

The loading vehicle kit includes 24 projectiles that are loaded into the “Blazing Sun” with the help of special mechanical arms.

Here, at the site of the Omsk plant, passability tests of “Blazing Sun” are conducted.

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