Turmoil in the Balkans – Serbia in the cross-hairs (video interview)

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May 19th, 2016 ~ Fort Russ News ~
~ Katehon ~ Fort Russ editors ~ 

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While in Moscow at the Katehon offices and studio, J. Flores of Fort Russ and the CSS gave his insights into the turmoil in the Balkans. The situation in Serbia is somewhat unique because it has already, about 15 years ago, been the target of a successful western backed coup. 

At the same time, Russia has been studying the tactic and has already proven itself successful in helping to advise and organize counter-coup activities, as shown over the course of the last year in Macedonia, and right before that, in Russia itself. Distinct from the Macedonia example, however, and more similar to Russia’s reliance on the Communist Party to join a mass ‘opposition protest and march’, the counter-coup (counter-Maidan or counter-Color) tactic may be run from within the Color action itself. 

This means, according to Flores, that we may expect some of the apparent participants of Serbia’s liberal + nationalist alliance, on the nationalist end, to help redirect and steer the activity in a stabilizing direction, in the best interests of the state and against NATO’s interests. 

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