Tymoshenko Demands to Make Details of IMF Commitments Public

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

30th May, 2016

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According to the leader of the faction “Fatherland”, the government together with the President signed these documents, “behind the Parliament and the people.”

Ukrainian MP Yulia Tymoshenko demanded that the President disclose the details of the negotiations between the leaders of Ukraine and international lenders from the IMF. According to her, the results of these consultations so far have a secret character. Tymoshenko insists that the commitments made by Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk “behind the back of Parliament and the people” have been delivered to Parliament.

“The document is secret. I can say, as the leader of the faction: I did not see it when it was a draft, it was not discussed in our group, there was no debate in society. And, as a consequence, we have received the completed document, namely, the obligation of the President and Prime Minister to the International Monetary Fund… I hold it in my hands, it’s really scary, ” said Yulia Tymoshenko. “I demand to make the documents signed with the International Monetary Fund public.

According to head of “Fatherland”, among Ukraine’s commitments to the IMF is the lifting of the moratorium on the privatization of agricultural land, the refusal of benefits to domestic farmers, as well as the increase in retail electricity tariffs.

As a reminder, on 1st May, the cabinet of the country fulfilled the requirements of the IMF on internal gas prices, bringing them up to the level of the market. In other words, the cost of “blue fuel” to the population is at the same cost as industrial enterprises.

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