Tymoshenko’s Usual Other-Worldly Lying

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

24th May, 2016


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The rampant lies of the oligarch Poroshenko seems to have provoked jealousy among the other clowns in the Ukrainian political circus. If he can so blatantly hang spaghetti on the ears of Ukrainians, why do I have to limit myself – the famous Ukrainian thief Yulia Tymoshenko probably thought. And lie away she did on live TV, claiming that her mother, together with her grandma, “ran through an anti-retreat unit” during the so-called “famine” in the USSR. Thus, she justified her support for the renaming of Dnepropetrovsk in the framework of Kiev’s pro-fascist law of de-communization.”

The lie came to light after viewers checked the date of birth of Yulia Tymoshenko’ mother. It turned out that she was born in 1937, while the referred to “Holodomor” famine in the USSR dates from the years 1932-33.

“Yulia burns with napalm. She comes up with such fables on the fly, that even her “Louis Vuitton” dress catches fire… Hmm, Yulia’s speechwriters forgot to take a look in the history books and to have interest in which period this Holodomor took place,” commented a sarcastic Kiev lawyer Tatyana Montyan.

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