Ukrainian “expert”: Ukraine is faced with a Biblical endeavor


May 4, 2016 –

PolitRussia – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

Aleksey Arestovich, whom Ukrainian media insist on calling a “military expert,” has called the events that happened on the Maidan a “chronoclasm.” The term used by this “patriot” of Ukraine is borrowed from science fiction and refers to the transfer of information from the future back to the past. 

“The Maidan was a chronoclasm, a breakthrough from the 25th century to us here now. The system of relations developed there, the ideals, and the energy that were there all point to the fact that this really was a breakthrough from the future. The people who acted there for three months were lit up by this future, and lived this ideal,” “Politnavigator” cites the statement of Arestovich made live on the Lvov TV channel ZIK. 

In January, 2014 the “military expert” was also one of those who called upon Euromaidan activists to take up arms and described his vision of the tasks facing Ukrainians.

“We will not solve the challenged facing Ukraine without a new type of man, and these challenges are not only historical, but biblical in scale,” Arestovich asserted.

We recall the in April this very “expert” stated that Kiev should go on an offensive all the way to Moscow if the Russian Federation attacks “any one of the Baltic countries, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, or Poland.” 

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