Ukrainian Neo Nazi Slashed Her Veins in the Courtroom

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

12th May, 2016

Ukrainian neonazi Vita Zaveruha, arrested a year ago on suspicion of assault at a gas station and killing two policemen, tried to slit her wrists in the hall of the court of appeal in Kiev.

She was given immediate first aid and an ambulance was called.

The court on Wednesday will consider the appeal on the measure of restraint and others detainees in the case – Andrei Romanyuk and Evgeny Koshelyuk.

Recall that on May 4th, 2015, in Kiev, masked men with guns attacked a gas station. The criminals wounded the gas station employee  in the arm and took about $800 from the cash register. Two police officers were killed during the pursuit of the suspects. Also, one of the robbers – Vadim Pinus – was killed in the shootout.

Police arrested four suspects — Andrei Romanyuk, Nicholas Mnishenko, Evgeny Koshelyuk, and Danilo Sitnikov. 19-year-old Victoria Zaveruha was later arrested, who was familiar with the detainees. Her direct involvement in the robbery of the gas station is not accepted, but she allegedly helped to transport weapons.

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All the detainees were activists of the Euromaidan, and then fought as a volunteers in the area of the “ATO”.

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