Ukrainians invited to sign petition to turn Crimea into an island

Route of proposed Crimea cutoff canal, May 10, 2016

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter*

An electronic petition has been registered on the official website of the President of Ukraine with a proposal to dig through the isthmus that connects the Russian Crimea with Ukraine on the continent.

“Now it is necessary to make every effort to tighten the blockade of the ‘occupied territory.’ Namely, to cut off the Crimean peninsula from the mainland with an artificial canal across the isthmus connecting the peninsula, which thus becomes an island and will cause big problems for the occupation authorities,” writes the author of the petition.

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He noted that the presence of an artificial channel “will exclude supply of fresh water, the smooth flow of goods to the occupiers and their collaborators.”

According to him, in the future, when the Crimea returns to Ukraine, the channel can be used for a fast sea link between the Azov and Black Seas, “which will open access for connecting the world’s ocean vessels serving Mariupol port bypassing the Strait of Kerch.”

At present this petition is supported by all five of the 25 thousand people necessary for its consideration.
All I find on the Poroshenko official website is petitions that have already been approved. Still, this might be real. Amusing in either case…

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