US Avoids Russia’s “Joint Airstrike” Trap, Continues to Liberate Syria

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By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

20th May, 2016


After 5 years of brutal and bloody war where over 500,000 civilians and soldiers have died, the US have decided enough is enough, and are now taking matters into their own hands. It has become obvious to all that the only way that the war can subside and normal life can resume is if the “moderate” rebels are given the space they need to fight ‘terror’. 

This is most evident in East Ghouta, for example, where various factions of the Free Syrian Army (not an actual army but its cute anyway) and friends of Al Qaeda who are not actually friends of Al Qaeda are working around the clock to ensure that Syria’s future is decided in a speedy manner, before the death toll reaches 1,000,000. 

Of course, the recent Syrian Arab Army incursion into East Ghouta threatens to spoil all the good work Washington has done to ensure the Levant can experience at least some democracy before the Day of Judgment (see Islamic Eschatology). The Baathist ideologues insist on keeping Syrian citizens hostage by luring them with food, but fortunately the ‘rebels’ are not fooled by this and pave a safe corridor in Aleppo for their escape using ‘heaven cannons’. 

And then there is Russia, who absolutely will not give the ‘Syrian’ freedom fighters a moment’s rest, and, alongside Assad’s squadron, continually violate the Free Syrian Army’s airspace. As a result of this, on the 20th May, 2016, the US rejected Shoigu’s proposal for joint airstrikes, with John Kirby being quoted as saying, “We look to Russia to end such (government) violations, which includes strikes that have hit civilians and civilian facilities.” We know from the White Helmets’ honest work just how devastating these airstrikes are, especially to the ‘town of men’ in Kafranbel.

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The word on the street is that Admiral Kuznetsov will be making an appearance off the Syrian coast soon, carrying all the toys that Putin ‘withdrew’ after Kerry reproached the naughty bear in Geneva. It will be interesting to see how the US reacts to Russia “violating international waters”, as they didn’t take too kindly to the USS Donald Cook being ‘strafed’ by two SU-24m attack aircraft. Perhaps Obama can dig out some old treaty that the White House never ratified to send a clear message that International Law must be respected. 

All in all, the current situation in and around Aleppo gives us hope that Islamic State (the strongest and most relevant force in Syria) will capitulate under US pressure, and the heroic Turkish army can prevent Jihadists from further assimilating into the European Union. The US-trained YPG is doing a fine job ensuring that the possibility of a Kurdish state in Syria remains alive. 

From the eastern side we have the Iraqi Army and the US ensuring that the Syrian border with Anbar province becomes a buffer zone, which can offer Baghdad some respite from the cycle of violence that started with Saddam Hussain’s democratic and totally coup-free rise to power. 

It is safe to say that President Obama will be able to look back on his tenure as US leader and confidently say “it was I who liberated Syria and Iraq”, and that he was man enough to prevent Russia from being ISIS’ airforce and flooding Europe with ‘Kremlin agents’. The best bit is that Hillary can pick up where Barrack left off, with the Middle Eastern house in good order, and increase the number of US bases in MENA to ensure that Mosul will never be subjected to a convoy of Toyotas again. 

[Update: Al Masdar news reported that the US air force dropped leaflets over Raqqa warning citizens to leave]

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