US Congressmen Call on Kiev to Protect LGBT March From Radicals

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

30th May, 2016


A group of US congressmen urged the Ukrainian authorities to protect the rights of participants of the LGBT parade in Kiev. The open letter sent to the Ambassador of Ukraine from the United States urged Kiev to ensure the safety of participants of the parade from threats that are expressed by the supporters of radical right-wing groups.

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“The Ukrainian government must protect the right of Ukrainian citizens to a peaceful assembly and ensure protection of the current “Kiev pride” march for civil equality,” quotes the “Interfax” agency from the letter by American congressmen.

The US Congress has attended to the protection of the rights of participants of the LGBT movement in Ukraine after the march in Lviv, where supporters of radical movements attacked the marchers in support of the rights of sexual minorities.

Noting the rise in violence against members of the LGBT community, the congressmen at the same time expressed their approval of the antidiscrimination amendments to legislation adopted in Ukraine concerning sexual minorities.

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