US Wants to Divide Iraq Into Three Parts


Translated by Ollie Richardon for Fort Russ

19th May, 2016


The lacerations that US foreign policy has left on the body of a number of countries and entire regions are tightened with great difficulty. For the past 13 years, such a wound has been bleeding in Iraq. 

Washington does not really know how to deal with this country that the United States doomed in blood and chaos. And it is no coincidence that today they try to implement a possible partition of Iraq into three parts: Kurdish, Sunni, and Shiite.

Will Iraq become a victim of the dismemberment by America?

90 people were killed, and hundreds more were injured – victims of recent terrorist attacks that occurred in Iraq only last week. 

On Friday, ISIS militants shot visitors to a cafe in the town of Balad, not far from the capital, and the day before in Baghdad they blew up three car bombs in different districts. 

13 years after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, the country continues to collect the bloody results of American Middle East policy.

Iraq, in short, is a complete mess.

In Iraq, there is practically no army fighting with the Islamic State – it is mostly Kurdish troops. And the government is unable to introduce basic order, even in the areas controlled by the central government of Iraq.

In general, it must be said that the United States acknowledged its error, though, through its teeth, but they acknowledged this error and try to fix it, but the fact is that the situation has gone too far. 

But in the early 2000’s, the Americans assured that they knew about Iraq more than everyone else.

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Speaking at the UN Security Council, Pentagon Chief Colin Powell shook a test tube with some powder and swore that in the vial was Bacillus of anthrax, supposedly only grown in secret laboratories of Iraq, however, it soon became known that Powell was openly bluffing.

American policy in Iraq began with a lie, so it continues. The Americans tried to implement their foreigners to the region and the country’s system of democracy has led, in general, to complete chaos. 

After they overthrew the non-liberal, allbeit quite hard, and sometimes brutal authoritarian regime in the country, then the collapse came, with which they could not cope with. 

Now, it seems, Washington sees only one way for salvation: to dismember Iraq.

At the end of April, US Vice-President Joe Biden suddenly flew to Baghdad. It was he who in 2006, while still a Senator, was the author of the concept of partitioning Iraq into three parts: Kurdish, Sunni, and Shiite. 

What about or who Biden talked to this time in Baghdad was not reported.

But here is what the newspaper “The New York Times” published in the footsteps of his trip in the article with the remarkable title: “Iraq descends into chaos, there is a proposal to divide the country”.

“Iraq was plunged into chaos. There is a proposal to divide the country… American politicians claim that the main policy objective, as before, is the unity of Iraq. But officials in Baghdad are already on the sly beginning to explore how the international community is able to organize a section of the country… Most of Iraq’s current problems are the legacy of brutality of Saddam Hussein. Shiites and Kurds, which suppressed the Sunni rule of the dictator, now want to vent past grievances”. 

Indeed, Saddam Hussein was a cruel ruler, but Iraq is a very heterogeneous country, and to keep the unity of Kurds and Arabs, Sunni Muslims, and another Shi’ites, was probably only possible with a firm hand. 

Americans do not take this into account, they don’t even think about it. 

This is amazing: the first head of the occupation authorities in Iraq, Paul Bremer, admitted that they had no idea that the situation in Iraq was so complicated and confusing, and that they did not consider this factor. 

They initially tried to extinguish, to fill up this conflict with bags of money, in every sense of the word. Immediately after the overthrow of the government of Saddam Hussein, the Americans sent a few “Boeing-747s”, which, as was told by Paul Bremer, had bags with millions of dollars. 

The hope was that it would be possible to bribe the local elite and, thereby, happy Iraqis supposedly go with these bags of money somewhere towards American democracy. 

Before the invasion of the Western coalition the region was quiet, and the problems here have arisen because of the unwise policies of the United States. 

The money they generously gave to Iraq was simply plundered, and part of the funds, apparently, fell into the hands of radical Islamists and enemies of the United States. 

The Daesh terrorist group, also known as ISIL, was formed, in fact, in Iraq, and it happened when the Americans managed like a bull in a China shop there for a while. 

In 2003, by overthrowing Saddam Hussein, they absolutely did not understand the consequences that led to the destabilization of this country alone, which then via a Domino effect caused instability throughout the Middle East. 

The country is now bursting at the seams. 

Last week the head of Iraqi Kurdistan Masoud Barzani announced his intention to hold a referendum on independence.

After the democratic elections, arranged by American patterns, the Shia came to power in Baghdad, who have always been the majority in Iraq. Now they control the oil fields in the South of the country, and actively helps co-religionists in neighboring Iran. But the Sunnis had to retreat into Iraq. 

There are no large oil deposits in this Sunni “triangle”. How do the Sunnis live? Because in this central Sunni “triangle” – it’s basically a rocky desert. There, even at the expense of agriculture, they cannot survive. 

And, of course, in this case the Sunnis, supported, no doubt, by Saudi Arabia (and having a weapon in their hands in Iraq, almost everyone has a weapon) will go for broke – this is again another threat of clashes. 

This situation does not suit the leaders of the Gulf countries. 

During a recent visit to Saudi Arabia, Barack Obama was issued with a hard ultimatum – to restore order in Iraq and limit Iran’s influence in the region, replacing the head of the Shia Iraqi government with a Sunni one that is pleasing to them.

Barack Obama was stunned by the tone of the conversation and rejected the demands of his allies. 

The task of the American authorities is to somehow wash it clean. So they say: we need some kind of breakthrough. Well, let’s take Mosul, or take Ramadi. 

It is not even politics, this is a kind of football. Well, at least one will score. Losing 3:0, well, at least beg for a penalty, and at least score with the penalty. 

The Americans made another, as they say, mistake, the result of which cost hundreds of thousands of lives of innocent people. It seems that this ancient country will face the fate of Libya, which will provoke the aggravation of the situation in the Middle East, where the terrorist plague will spread further. What is happening now in Iraq, Washington calls Operation Iraqi Dawn.” It sounds like a mockery. Looking West, they will fail to see the dawn. The Iraqis now know this exactly…

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