(VIDEO) Kurds and US mercenaries launch offensive towards ISIS capital

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May 21, 2016 – 

RusVesna – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

In the framework of the offensive on ISIS’ capital, American mercenaries of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” and Kurds of the YPG have just seized Al Khisa 12 kilometers east of Ayn Issa in the countryside of Raqqa province. 

This has been reported by the press-service of the Syrian “Democratic Front” (SDF). 

It has also become known that terrorists have forbidden residents of Raqqa to leave the city. 

Fighters are reportedly scrambling to evacuate their families to the Deir ez-Zor side of the city also seized by ISIS. Last night, the first to leave the terrorist groupings’ Syrian capital were the families of foreign mercenaries. According to intelligence reports, the terrorists have sent forces and weapons from Tabaka to Raqqa. News has also appeared that the prisons of the ISIS capital have released prisoners.

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As Russian Spring reported yesterday, US mercenaries and Kurds are preparing for an assault on ISIS’ capital and have deployed vehicles and forces consisting of 20,000 fighters in the direction of Raqqa. 

Yesterday evening it came to light that Kurdish YPG ranks and special forces fighters were 35 kilometers north of Raqqa, and that the terrorists themselves had retreated from their positions in the area without a fight. The attack drones of the coalition launched air strikes at places of the terrorists’ concentration.

According to ISIS’ media activists, earlier US-coalition aircraft dropped leaflets on the city which urged residents to leave Raqqa (see photo below). 

Earlier note from RusVesna: “Judging by everything, the US has ordered its proxies to begin the military operation of capturing ISIS’ capital before the Syrian Army, supported by Russia and Iran, and its formations can begin an offensive in this crucial operational direction. We recall that Syrian government forces have been compelled to disperse their forces along a number of fronts in different provinces of the country. At the same time, the “Syrian Democratic Forces” have practically completely focused on concentrated their efforts in the Kurdish region of the country. It is well-known that the SDF have American weapons, heavily armored vehicles, and artillery, as well as sufficiently large human resources to serious threaten the ISIS capital of Raqqa.” 

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