(Video) Ukrainian politicians fistfight on Russian talk show


May 27, 2016 – 

RusVesna – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

Yury Kot, a member of the Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine, hit the Ukrainian Russophobic  political scientist, Yury Kovtun, several times in the face while on air.

This took place on May 26th during the filming of the program “Process” on the TV channel “Zvezda,” which is hosted by the writer Sergey Sharugtov and the TV presenter Nikolai Petrov. 

As reported by correspondent Aleksandr Chalenko from the scene, the incident took place during Yury Kot’s speech, during which he spoke of his 17-year-old son living in Ukraine and his comrades who do not profess a radical ideology and who have very different heroes than Ukrainian nationalists.

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During Kot’s speech, Kovtun, a supporter of the current Ukrainian government, said with a grin: “We’ll find out who this son is.” Kot interpreter these words as a threat to the life and health of his son, after which he approached Kovtun and struck him several times on the face.

Immediately after, a bleeding mark started to form under the right eye of the Ukrainian political scientist. The conflict was stopped by the host immediately, after which Sergey Shargunov asked Kovtun and Kot to leave the set and stated that such an assault is unacceptable on the program.

After the incident, Kovtun called the police. 

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