Western Propagandists Can’t Handle the Sarmat

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Translated by Soviet Bear for Fort Russ

15th May, 2016

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The work of Western propaganda is hard. High-ranking officials overseas declare Russia’s economy is “in tatters”, the foreign press reprints their words with malice, but our economy is still alive. The specialists of the Washington propaganda machine release another fake, and it gets immediately refuted with facts.

And it happens that the Western media along with foreign official agencies themselves throw sand in the wheels of the local propagandists. For example, a year ago, “Radio Liberty” attacked the Russian military-industrial complex. Allegedly, the frequency of appearance of new products of the domestic military industry is not significant, because if war suddenly breaks out Russia would still go to battle with the junk and so-so new equipment: “Armata” tank stalled, while the remaining promising products — are “paper” samples and prototypes.

But to the West, this sedative pill from journalists has not worked. Smashing to smithereens the arguments of “Radio Liberty” about the corruptible state of the Russian military industry, the Pentagon and foreign media repeatedly reached panic mode while discussing Russian new designs.

For example, modelling of a tank battle between the stalled and nothing to worry about “Armata” and the American “Abrams”, the Pentagon came to the conclusion that the Russian tank is an extremely dangerous opponent for the US equipment, a serious threat to infantry and almost invulnerable to the aerial attack.

The US also fears other news from our Defense Ministry and the MIC. For example, recently the U.S. military expressed concern about the development of Russian space technologies threatening military satellites of the Pentagon in the long term. The development of an underwater drone has also not escaped attention of the US military.

Here’s another example. Less than a month ago, Deputy head of the Cyber command of the Armed Forces of the United States Ronald Pontius acknowledged that his country cannot keep up with the development of our military equipment, in particular, in his opinion, the danger of Russian reconnaissance aircraft, which the United States has nothing to oppose it. Also, according to the U.S. Department of Defense, America has nothing to counter our success in working on modern electronic warfare systems. 

However, the danger in the sky is not only our aircraft, but also strategic weapons of Russia. The American missile defense system does not guarantee absolute protection, even with the current balance of power, not to mention the terrible new products of Russia’s Military industry. According to the commander of Russian Strategic Missile Forces Colonel General Sergey Karakayev, the development of the US missile defense system “does not currently lead to critical reduction of the combat capabilities of the Russia strategic missile troops”.

Moreover, Russia considers the development of US missile defense, while planning the design of new Russian weapons. 

“The implementation of our plans involves the use of fundamentally new and effective means and ways of overcoming any missile defense,” says Sergey Karakayev.

One of these designs is the “Sarmat” Intercontinental Ballistic Missile – an article about which has already been published on the website “PolitiRussia”.

“For its weight and size characteristics it is similar to its predecessor (SS-18 “Satan”). But along with this we will have new types of combat equipment, a promising means of overcoming missile defenses. Most importantly, the complex is being developed and will be manufactured at the enterprises of the Russian cooperation,” said Sergei Karakayev, describing the missile.

Overcoming the enemy defenses in this case is one of the main highlights of the novelty.

“The main requirement for the new missile is a flexible response to the development of the US national missile defense system until 2030. In addition, energy should allow the missile to strike at targets not only across the North but also across the South pole,” explains the former chief of staff of the strategic missile forces Viktor Yesin.

“The new missile will be able to withstand the space echelon strike weapons, and it can be launched from almost any area and in all directions,” – said Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov, describing the capabilities of the missile.

Unusual attacks, for example via the South Pole, add a headache to the American missile defense system. But many more dangers is the hypersonic combat equipment of the missile. A year ago, The Washington Times wrote that America cannot defend itself against such systems.

Moreover, if these missiles will be deployed near the village of Dombrovsky, as planned, according to the newspaper, the US will not be able to shoot them down on the approach, but also to destroy them at home. The appearance of such missiles, said Janes Information Group, will become a serious trump card for Russia in the negotiations on limiting strategic nuclear arms.

The test of the “Sarmat” missile had been scheduled for the spring of this year, but it is already the second time they have moved it. The first launch did not take place because of the unpreparedness of a launch facility. Now problems have arisen in the rocket itself.

“It’s a completely new product. It is clear that testing of new equipment can go wrong. And here, I think, we should not seek some kind of malice or far-reaching consequences. And, of course, it is better to identify problems with equipment before start than after…” said the chief editor of the “Arms Export” magazine Andrey Frolov.

“These are the risks, the things that you would expect. And I would not serve this situation from the point of view that, they say, as we all bad. We are not bad. The fact that we identified the problem in advance is good. Much better than if a rocket fell on someone’s head” – the expert of Association of military political scientists, associate Professor of political science and sociology REU nam. Plekhanov Alexander Perendzhiev said in agreeement.

And despite the rescheduling of the test for the West it is extremely difficult to gloat about it in the press, given the panic foreign media expressed about the development of the “Sarmat” in recent years.

For example, the day before the release of information about the delay, several British media agencies published horror inducing articles about the Russian missile. The Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Daily Star, and Daily Record at the same time labored panic materials that were dispersed in the Western sector of the world wide web.

“It’s a doomsday weapon so powerful that in just a few seconds can wipe a vast territory off the face of the Earth. The West has nothing to counter it, so it can easily bypass all missile defense systems”, – said the newspaper, quoting British experts.

“A huge area” comparable, for example, with the state of Texas or France as a whole. The long range of the missile also scares the British. The “Sarmat” is able to both the West and the East coast of the United States or to get into the center of London, they write.

However, it was not only the British who were alerted  — the American press also wrote about the “Sarmat” cautiously, albeit more restrained. Ahead of the English counterparts, National Interest has pleased us with publications about the promising missile.

“The United States is significantly behind Russia in the development of land-based ICBMs… the project of the European missile defense and ground-based missile defense system midcourse flight (complex missile defense designed to intercept approaching warheads) in the foreseeable future will not be effective against Russian missiles,” – makes a disappointing conclusion to the publication.

Whatever rocket did not come to replace the current US “Minuteman-3”, it is unlikely it will be as awesome as the Russian, sums up the author of the National Interest.

Moreover, while the development of a new ICBM will be completed, the Russian missile defense system, too, will not stand still.

“We are working on the modernization of the “Minuteman”, but the command of the US air force told Congress that this outdated system is unlikely to provide guaranteed containment in connection with the improvement of missile defenses,” says the publication.

Maybe I would like to believe Western propaganda that carefully describes the decline of the Russian armed forces. But how to do it when the live reaction of the foreign press on the coming test of only one of our missiles is so eloquent?

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