Yarosh takes credit for starting the war in Donbass

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“Dmitro Yarosh, former Führer of Pravy Sektor and MP in the Post-Maidan Ukraine”

RT Germany, May 5, 2015
Translated from German By Tom Winter

Original headline: “Former commander of Pravy Sektor admits provoking the war in Donbass”

Dmitro Jarosh, deputy of the Verkhovna Rada and former commander of the Pravy Sektor (“Right Wing”), has admitted that members of his organization were actively involved in fighting in Donbass in April, 2014. On the Ukrainian portal Censor.net he even states that he led the “first offensive operation” against the until then peaceful, antioligarchic standoff in Donbass. This also explains why his business card was found in the town of Slavyansk, Donetsk Oblast. 

Looking back at the year 2014:

The riots in Slavyansk began on 12 April 2014, as inhabitants of the mining and industrial area in Donbass occupied a police station, City Hall and the building of the Security Service of Ukraine. In response to the change of power in Kiev, the insurgents called for a federalization of Ukraine. They wanted above all to avoid a change in the status of the Russian language as a de facto second official language. In addition, that the tax revenue of the region should remain in the Donbass. 

Kiev was overtaken by events. Up to this point there were no active hostilities in the region nor any demand for a secession from Ukraine.

One day later, on April 13, about 150 militants of the Pravy Sektor came to Slavyansk to participate in a military operation in the region. However, they could not make the residents give up. After the initial Pravy Sektor failures, Yarosch called for a total mobilization of all “Right Wing” members to prevent a scenario as in Crimea. At the same time he also announced that he would run in the next presidential elections. His “patriotism” was therefore also politically motivated.

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The first serious clashes with fatalities came on April 20, at a checkpoint in Slavyansk. The insurgents then accused the PS of starting the fighting. As proof they seized personal items, cards, money, and the business card of Dmitro Jarosch. 

The security authorities in Kiev claimed that hostilities were provoked by Russian special forces. The Pravy Sektor categorically denied any involvement in the fighting. Found objects, which could be quite soon assigned to members of the PS were dismissed as Russian propaganda. Thus began the military conflict in Donbass. 

2016: Dmitro Jarosch admits all

Now, two years later, Dmitro Yarosh explains how he personally organized the provocation at the Slavyansk checkpoint, and that the business card found on one of the victims was in fact, his.

His presentation further avows that he was personally called on to act by the then interim president Olexander Turchynov. Yarosch had orders to destroy the radio tower near the city in order to prevent “Russian propaganda.” In addition, an anti-Maidan movement was to be stopped.

The question remains why Jarosch is now asserting that he provoked the events in Donbass. According to some accounts it was done in connection with the second anniversary. Perhaps another fact plays a role: he left the Pravy Sektor last year and is now setting up a new organization.

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