Zhuravko From Donetsk: Don’t Believe Ukrainian Media – Donbass Is Alive and Recovering

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

30th May, 2016


Kherson-known politician Alexei Zhuravko is currently in Donetsk. He saw for the first time firsthand the monstrous ruins in which the Kiev regime has turned Donbass into, not sparing even the houses of its citizens it would seem. But Donbass survived and did not break. The politician urged all not to believe the Ukrainian propaganda: Donbass rose from the ashes, is reborn, dusted itself down, and lives no matter what.

And it even became more beautiful than it was. Oleksiy Zhuravko shared his impression from Donetsk on the social network Facebook, making his own videos of the city, which shook the politician not only for its durability, but also the cleanliness, tidiness, friendliness, courtesy, and hospitality.

“I am now in Donetsk. Stopped by Ilovaysk. Was terrible to see what the Ukrainian authorities did. I saw with my own eyes the destroyed houses, but I was surprised that people recovered, people came back, life comes back to Donetsk.

When I drove through downtown, I was surprised. Ukrainian media write that in Donetsk it is impossible to live, nothing is cleaned, the roads are disgusting.

No, it is not.

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Parks are clean, walkways are clean, the lights all work, community services work. I myself saw it myself with my own eyes.

Do not believe what they say.

The products here are much cheaper than in Ukraine, bills for utilities are much cheaper than in Ukraine.

People here want peace and tranquility. I have not noticed aggression towards Ukraine, like the Ukrainian media.

People are good, kind, help each other. Four times people came to me to help me move. I was surprised, after all there is a war… people became more cooperative. People began to feel confident. Although it has its problems,” said the politician.

“I want to say to Ukrainians, cease to fight. This is not our war. It was brought to us, and we are brotherly peoples. Remember, peace is needed, only then Ukraine can prosper,” summed up Oleksiy Zhuravko.

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