64% Oil, 30% Gas Leave the EU Together With Britain

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

24th June, 2016


Own extraction – and this is the main thing!

According to the data for 2014, the EU countries extracted the following barrels of oil per day (thousands):

Britain – 772

France – 15

Netherlands – 30

Denmark – 164

Romania – 80

Germany – 48

Italy – 106

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Total: 1.215 million barrels per day. The UK’s share – 64%.

Natural gas extracted per year billion cubic meters:

Netherlands – 70 

Britain – 38

Romania – 11

Germany – 10

Total: 129 billion cubic meters. The UK’s share is almost 30%.

The withdrawal of Britain from the EU makes the EU even more dependent on imported oil and gas. The British, on the contrary, on the eve of the energy crisis, strengthened their own position, with additional opportunity to keep social and political stability, ensuring its own economy (and social programs), mainly due to its own energy resources.

The picture of the EU without Britain, in this respect, is more than sad. It is unlikely Britain will share the profits from the sale of oil and gas to the EU with them. In contrary, it will steal the EU’s skin, and by this way it will be added to the British budget. If it is sold at all. On the background of the debt problems of the southern and eastern EU countries, this situation would become absolutely intolerable for saving the EU as a model that positions itself in the world as a promising and prosperous project.

Putin once said – “ambitions leave together with money”. The same can be said about energy. This is even more so applicable to energy. “ambitions leave together with energy.”

And wood in Siberia.

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