Bankrupt Ukraine announces $1 billion for OSCE police mission

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June 18, 2016 – 

Novorossiya – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski 

The ex-head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the head of the committee for security of the contact group on Donbass, Evgeny Marchuk, has named the approximate budget for the police mission in Donbass.

The OSCE police mission in Donbass will cost approximately 1 billion dollars. Marchuk stated this live on the Ukrainian TV channel “Hromadske TV”. 

“They told me how much the budget for this mission would approximately be. I don’t knowwhether they’ll pull together this much, which is somewhere just under a billion dollars,” Marchuk said.

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During negotiations in Minsk on June 15th, 2016, agreements were made on the withdrawal of soldiers 1.5-2 km from the demarcation line in several zones in Donbass, Marchuk reported. According to him, this should reduce the number of shellings.

The Minsk Agreements on ceasefire in Donbass will fail if the Armed Forces of Ukraine launch an offensive against the Armed Forces of Novorossiya, he emphasized.

In April 2016, Ukrainian President Petro Prosohenko stated that a total observance of the ceasefire and the presence of an OSCE police mission were necessary for elections to be held in the “occupied” Donetsk and Lugansk regions. 

On June 7th, 2016, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavel Klimkin, stated that no servicemen of the Russia, a member state of the OSCE, would be involved in discussing an armed OSCE police mission in Donbass. 

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