Coordinates for de-mining, coordinated with OSCE, lead to ambush


Max Bonelli in Opinione Publica, June 29, 2016
Translated from Italian by Tom Winter June 30, 2016 
Original title and header: Ambush in Shirokino, the end of a truce that never started
The Ukrainian army again violates
the pacts even to the extent of bombing de-miners at Shirokino, breaking the Minsk agreements.

On June 27, a patrol of DNR
engineers was performing a de-mining operation coordinated with the OSCE
in the safety zone which separates the front in accordance with the
Minsk accords. The Ukrainians were notified with coordinates of the
de-mining operations intended at the return of civilians to their homes.

patrol was ambushed by Ukrainians via a precision bombing (thanks to
the received coordinates) which resulted in two dead and several wounded
de-miners. Then a mixed assault squad consisting of 54th Brigade
elements combined with elements of the National Guard captured the
demining team, mostly injured by the bombing and unable to defend

This episode because of its gravity and the defiance
of all the rules of the Minsk agreements could be the preamble to a
worsening of the conflict: On the 28th the DNR territories were
bombardeded 734 times of which 90 strikes werre heavy artillery of 122
and 152 mm.

The renewal of sanctions by the European countries
plus the continuing Ukrainian attacks and probably under US direction
could give the Russians the green light to an effective response to the continuous provocations.

To make peace as well as war takes two and the Ukrainians have been stating their intentions for months, with cannons. 

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