Cracks in the Washington/EU wall: Another council will weigh in on ending sanctions and recognizing Crimea

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The University at Quackenbrueck

“Sanctions … have led to a ‘catastrophic situation’ for German agriculture”

Russian.RT, June 1, 2016
Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

The Parliament of the German city of Quakenbrück may consider recognition of Crimea as part of Russia, and repealing the anti-Russian sanctions. Andreas Maurer, Chairman of the Deputies of the Left faction of the city parliament, plans to introduce the statement. 

As the politician said, the sanctions against the Russian Federation and the loss of Russian markets have led to a “catastrophic situation” for German agriculture.

“We can put such questions as they have done in Italy. I thought to appeal to my colleagues in East Germany, as they are there in most parliaments, and it is reality, to make such an appeal.

In my own parliament I will put this question unambiguously, although we do not have the majority there,” sai Maurer as quoted by RiaNovosti.

He noted that this will “provide a platform for discussion and an opportunity for argument” and will “show the face of the other parties.”

A day earlier, Foreign Minister of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier offered to consider the possibility of a phased lifting of sanctions with Russia. He linked this process with the progress in the implementation of the Minsk agreements on Ukraine. 

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Steinmeier acknowledged that there is growing resistance in the European Union to the extension of sanctions against Russia.

Recall, the French Parliament voted first in the EU for the lifting of sanctions against Russia.* The corresponding resolution was approved by the French National Assembly on April 28.

Further, in the Veneto region of Italy on May 18, the Council adopted a resolution calling on government to condemn the EU policy regarding the Crimea and to achieve the abolition of restrictions in respect of the Russian Federation.

In addition, in June a resolution on recognition of the Crimea will be presented in the regional councils in two more Italian regions – Lombardy and Liguria.

Translator follow-up: Another double-barreled resolution(Crimea, sanctions) will soon happen in another region of Italy, Tuscany.


*To read more about the act of the French National Assembly, click here.

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