Crimea bridge construction (video)

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Video notes translated by Tom Winter June 25, 2016:

Literally just in recent months there have been majo changes on the Kerch shore: the mole area has been expanded, three railway bearings have been advanced and three more laid (each based on 48 prismatic piles, sunk to a depth of 16 meters), more than a hundred piles were hammered under the technological platform for the assembly of arches. On the same plot a temporary railway is being laid down for bringing up construction supplies.

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More than half of the technical RM-3 bridge is covered, the connection to the shore is being done, and there are working floating platforms and cranes in the straits, which, according to the project plans, will make large embankments on both sides of the channel. In May a jetty was advanced from the Kerch side: it used a small ferry, delivering cargo and equipment onto a temporary bridge, also fast supply boats scurrying through the straits.

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