Electronic Jamming Protects Russian Mi-24 From Takfiri “Stingers” (VIDEO)

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

19th June, 2016


The Russia airforce landed several effective blows in the region of Aleppo in the province of Al-Sahab on the positions of “Jabhat al-Nusra” and “Ahrar al-Sham”. At the same time, terrorists from the “Islamic State” unsuccessfully tried to shoot down Russian helicopters in front of the military correspondent from the Federal News Agency (FAN).

Russian Mi-24  (also known as “Krokodil” for its distinctive shape) and Mi-8 attack helicopters attacked the “black banners” to the West of Aleppo.

The helicopters were in three pairs, with one going to the target and the other offering cover. They used flares and electronic warfare systems (EW) against Islamists’ MANPADs.

After using all their rockets, fighters then, in a rage, fired at the Russian helicopters with small arms, but did not succeed.

The correspondent of FAN witnessed how the ISIS terrorists fired rockets four times, one at a Russian airforce helicopter, but never actually hit the target.

Since the “stingers” that the US supplies the Islamic State terrorists with are very expensive, the terrorists had a “dispute” about who so wantonly squandered expensive equipment.

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The militants squabbled right in the wilderness, trying to figure out who was to blame for the blunders – the battle between the rebels after the failed launches was recorded by Syrian Arab Army reconnaissance.

It is interesting that, according to FAN sources, the original Russian system of electronic warfare was to blame for the inaccuracy of the “stingers” – they are easier to shoot down than even the American anti-aircraft missiles of the last generation.

After a successful attack, the “Crocodiles” and Mi-8 left the area, and went forward with the Syrian Army.

Armored “Crocodile” Mi-24 proved itself even during the wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya. This is a natural exterminator of the undead, and inspires horror in ISIS. The caliphate has Western anti-aircraft systems, but the Russian airforce’s helicopters are equipped with modern jamming systems.

On August 2012, the Syrian Army held the West of Aleppo, and the East belonged to various Islamist rebel groups. In recent years, none of the parties failed to achieve a major advantage. The situation changed in the beginning of 2016 — the government army went on the offensive with the armed support of Russia and Iran.

In addition to Aleppo, the immediate objectives of the SAA today are the city of Arak and the T3 oil pumping station, where there is also a small airfield.

The capture of Arak will open the way to as-Suhnah, where ISIS main forces retreated from Palmyra. Control of T3 will go to the Iraqi border and cut the supply of terrorists.

Mi-24 is an attack helicopter of the Russian Airforce. It is well armed and protected. It has been in production since 1971. There is at least 12 such helicopters in Syria. The Russian airforce has 24 helicopters of this type.

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