Footage of southern Aleppo fighting corrborates Russia’s claims (video)


June 10th, 2016 – Fort Russ News –
Chris Tomson AlMasdar (video) – text by J. Flores –

“Insane front-line footage shows rebel offensive in southern Aleppo”

Russian claims that its aerial bombardment of terrorist positions in southern Aleppo indeed targets these positions, and not of ‘moderate FSA’ units which the US claims are also actually in the same position, which in practice are either one and the same or allied with Al-Nusra, are corroborated in this video footage.

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At the battle for al-Qarassi, July 9th, 2016, we can clearly see the Al Qaeda spin-off Al-Nusra Wahhabis, in full regalia, one giving the Salafi finger, another with an Al-Nusra headband, attempting yesterday’s so-called ‘rebel offensive’ in southern Aleppo.

A standard practice of Al-Nusra is to take or hold a position under their own colors, but then for a few individuals to pose using FSA flags for western media outlets, and establish through this inference that they are ‘moderate opposition’ and not the Al Qaeda spin-off terrorist invasion group, backed by the US, gulf states, and Israel. This is intended to shield them from attack by Russia, in the public eye, under terms of the cease-fire, which only applies to so-called moderate groups.

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