Gerashchenko: Nobody in the EU Waited for Ukraine, Now We Will Go to America

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

27th June, 2016


Kiev in its foreign policy needs more focus on the United States and Canada, said the MP of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko

“Britain leaves the EU. No need to make a tragedy from this, to sprinkle ashes on the head and scream “all is lost” on social networks! Especially because in this case, the Ukrainian position had no influence on the results. For the future of civilization it is vital to preserve and strengthen the military-political union of NATO, and provide a system of global and European security. And the issues of maintaining the economic and political union of the EU, not the most stupid people – the Europeans will somehow solve themselves,” he wrote on his page on Facebook.

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“Besides, let’s face it, with our level of corruption, lawlessness in the judicial system, and low level of economic development, no one in the EU especially waited for us,” added Gerashchenko.

Thus, the people’s Deputy noted that he had made 3 conclusions:

“Ukraine should be more focused on its foreign policy in the United States and Canada, and with the largest European countries – Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain, to strengthen direct bilateral relationships.”

“The Ukrainian people need to think not about joining the European Union, but that Ukraine lives by the standards of the EU in terms of life, social protection of citizens, guarantees of justice and security.” “You need to elect not populists in the election, but those who think, speak, and do what they promise. It can and should be done regardless of the future of the European Union,” said the MP.

“Conclusion – let’s build Europe in Ukraine, and not wait until we enter the EU.”

“Everything will be fine!” summed up Gerashchenko.

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