Germany, France and Italy have blocked visa-free regime for Georgia and Ukraine*

Hans-Peter Uhl, from Germany’s Committee on Foreign affairs, warns about criminality in Georgia.

Expert.Ru, June 9, 2016

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter, June 10, 2016

Germany, France and Italy have blocked the decision to cancel the visa requirement for Georgia and Ukraine,* and the EU other countries want to get their explanation for it, UKRINFORM reports, with reference to a European diplomat.**

According to him, on Friday, June 10, Justice and Home Affairs EU ministers will discuss the issue of the abolition of visas for Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey and Kosovo.

“Yesterday when they discussed the issue of the position of the leading institutions of the European Union on the abolition of visa requirements for Georgian citizens, it was Germany that blocked this decision, expressing concern about the high levels of organized crime in Georgia. Berlin was supported by France and Italy.” 

“They [the other 25 countries –tr]*** also want to link Ukraine to this package of visa liberalization,” he said.

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The diplomat noted that Ukraine and Georgia, as outlined in the European Commission’s reports have clearly fulfilled all the criteria for the abolition of visa requirements. “25 EU countries want to get the reasons from Germany, France and Italy for the delay in granting visa-free travel to our partners,”** the diplomat said.

Earlier, Ukraine’s ambassador to the EU said that they would be discussing a visa-free regime for Ukraine in Brussels.
The source headline only says “for Ukraine,” omitting Georgia: “Germany, France, and Italy blocked visa-free regime for Ukraine.” Conversely, the other sources only mention Georgia!  E.g. Der Spiegel. This news item has apparently been redacted to suit a Kiev readership.

I’ve searched out other accounts, and none of them name this “European diplomat.” –Tr.

Truth or wishful thinking? Impossible to tell, but I have my suspicions. –Tr.

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