How They Kill Themselves: Ukrainian Modifiers of Their Own Soviet Past

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

11th June, 2016


The “professional” boom in the sphere of historical law that occurs in the territory of post-Soviet countries is indeed pleasing to the eye. Yesterday’s poets, librarians, and engineers have moved en masse to become specialists in the field of law. Retrained as “experts”, they began to actively evaluate that neither the Russian Empire, or now the Soviet Union, did not have an established legal system.

Then, recently in the Verkhovna Rada, the draft law No. 4650 was registered, “On amendments to the law of Ukraine “on the succession” of the abolition of USSR acts on the territory of Ukraine”. The explanatory note stated that the legislation of the Soviet Union “was not systematized”. So, it means lawmakers have followed this up, and all laws that have survived from Soviet times should be abolished.

And who wrote it?

  • The journalist and defender of unconventional love, and now first Deputy speaker of the Parliament Irina Gerashchenko.
  • The librarian, and then poet, famous in Ukraine for her erotic allusions, the MP Maria Matios.
  • The entrepreneur-carrier, the MP Oksana Prodan.

These “experts” representing the “confectionary bloc” (Poroshenko’s bloc – O.R), decided in one fell swoop to cancel all legislative acts that continue to have effect from the times of the Soviet Union.

As a result, the Housing code, which guarantees Ukrainian citizens the right to housing, will be terminated.

The code of labour laws will cease to operate. Therefore, Ukrainians will be defenseless in employment relationship (including guarantees of remuneration of labour).

The law on support for the agricultural sector and social support for villages will be cancelled.

Chernobyl veterans and disabled people will lose their benefits.

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The legislation guaranteeing free education will be cancelled.

Legal norms on the protection of the environment and consumers will cease to operate .

Social legislation will almost be entirely destroyed, because Ukraine inherited it from the USSR.

Euromaidan shouted about justice, equality, freedom, and dignity, and now, by targetting at the Soviet Union, they have began to actually destroy an entire nation.

Abolishing the entire social protection, they are at the same time cutting the economy to pieces, thereby depriving the population of any opportunities to exist. They are pushing Ukrainians to ensure that they either flee to other countries or die.

If at least they could read what they scribbled. From the explanatory notes to the bill it follows that Soviet legislation should be abolished as it is, because… there is no free access to it in electronic form. It is interesting if the authors of the bill realise it further exposes them to ridicule? After all, even schoolchildren know that the world wide web (the Internet) appeared in 1991, after Ukraine left the Soviet Union.

However, the stupidity of the initiators of the bill doesn’t stop here.

By destroying the legal framework of the USSR, they do not even hide that they decided to revise the Law of Ukraine “On succession”, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in September 1991. In accordance with this document, Ukraine was proclaimed the legal successor of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

As a result of this fact, the legal basis of the sovereignty of “independent” Ukraine differs from other ex-Soviet republics, who are today setting their sights on integration with the West, because each of them proclaimed their succession from the pre-Soviet state formations. Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania declared themselves the heirs of the Baltic semi-fascist dictatorships of the 1930’s. Georgia declared itself the successor of the Georgian Menshevik Republic in 1918. Moldova is even deeper immersed in the story. They associate themselves with the Moldovan Principality of the 18th century.

But in contrast to these post-Soviet countries, the history of Ukraine was not even a moment when she existed separately to Russia. In example, Petlyura’s UPR was not legally recognized by anyone. And the Hetmanate of the 17th century, or the “empire” of Skoropadsky of the 20th century were an integral part of Russia. That’s why to proclaim their succession from any other formation, except the Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic, was in 1991 is absurd as well as self-destructive.

But the current Ukrainian “leaders” all this is to the bulb. They, with their usual stupidity and arrogance, began to eliminate Ukraine. The first step is to make the law “on succession” from the Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic void. Thus, it’s not enough that ground for pretension to Kiev will be created from the sides of the former Soviet republics –  Russia at first – but, moreover, they themselves, with their hands, will delegitimize the existence of their own country.

But emptiness never exists in the world. Either the state will disappear, or  legal recognition and an indissoluble historical and legal relationship with Russia and other republics of the CIS opposition will appear. Especially because, today, many citizens of Ukraine on the territory of Russia gathered together that are capable of creating this opposition.

And sooner or later they will organize themselves and express their position.

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