Igor Plotnitsky Compared Referendum in Great Britain and LPR

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

26th June, 2016


The head of the Lugansk People’s Republic Igor Plotnitsky made an official statement about the outcome of the UK referendum.

“The British referendum proved once again that the beautiful mirage of the European Union is gradually dissipating. And in its place remains a gloomy totalitarian “matrix”, where all affairs and fates are determined by seasoned Brussels bureaucrats. And the Europeans who’s brains have not been eaten by the media understand this,” says the statement of the head of the LPR, posted on his official website.

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“In assessing the prospects of the British expression of their will, we stand in solidarity with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin: the referendum and implementation of its results is an internal matter of every state, of every people,” said Igor Plotnitsky.

“The problem is that the Brussels bureaucrats tried to distort and pervert the outcome of the referendum, as they already did with the referendum in the Netherlands. This is the false essence of the modern European-like “democracy”, which “is the best” and does not hesitate. Only carrying out the decisions favorable to the oligarchs and officials,” said the head of the LPR.

“We are building the Lugansk People’s Republic on a qualitatively different foundation. For us the will of the people expressed at the referendum on May 11th, 2014 is sacred. And we gradually, step by step, are realizing it, overcoming all obstacles,” he stressed.

“I am confident that the victory of the British patriots will sober some of the europhiles and eurodependants in Ukraine. We must not cling to a split pan-European collective, not to seek “what cannot be” in distant lands, and to build our own house. Foreign countries are like Cinderella’s stepmother, only from a distance she occasionally seems nice,” stated Igor Plotnitsky.

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