Inglorious Bastards Seen by the Donetsk People: “Don’t Let the OSCE in, I’ll Kill Them!”

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

18th June, 2016


“Hardworking and peaceful people, which the majority of Donetsk and Lugansk people are, felt our sympathy, love, and respect. The Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, and other units will never dare to use force against peaceful people. They will never hit the residential quarters, the Ukrainian soldiers and guardsmen will risk their own lives in order to not endanger women, children, and the elderly. This is the eternal knightly nature of the Ukrainian troops”. This is a part of the appeal made by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on July 1st, 2014, published on his official website.

The inhabitants of Donbass, shelled by “Ukrainian Knights” during two years, clearly understood: everything that the Ukrainian pseudo-president, you need to divide it by 38. Or 42. Or 48 – as you want. Because there is no truth in the verbiage of this pseudo-guarantor.

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The official entry into force of the next Minsk ceasefire in the upcoming days will “celebrate” a round date – 300 days. Probably the Ukrainian army, which, according to Poroshenko, “the eternal knightly nature”, is already in a state of ecstasy and of foretaste of this “jubilee”, strengthening day-after-day shelling of DPR settlements – Dokuchaevsk, Zaytsevo, Elenovka, Staromykhailovka, and Aleksandrovka, all residential areas of Donetsk…

To your attention – the “Minsk ceasefire” through the eyes of the Donetsk military correspondent, winner of the Oles Buzina International literary and media prize in the category of “war journalism” Irina Lashkevich. Travelling notes.

Yesterday I was going to Dokuchaevsk.

Next to me sat a 65 year old woman. I was looking out the window, I really wanted to sleep, my thoughts jumped from one level to another. I had no strength or desire to chat to the woman, but she talked without stopping. She didn’t pay attention to the fact that I didn’t answer, and that instead of answering, I was just shaking my head.

For the first five minutes I did not hear what she said as my loud thoughts drowned out her quiet voice. Then she got through to me. The words “war” and “bombed” returned me to myself on the bus. Here are her words:

“What do you think, will they (Ukrainian army) be chased away from here? There is no more strength to endure. I have a cottage there… I will not survive a second occupation.

Ukrainian soldiers aimed a gun at me and said, “don’t worry, we won’t hurt you. Why did he aim a gun at the old woman? Won’t hurt…and after there was fightings. They (Ukr army) heavily bombed us. I have the most reliable basement in the entire village. There is not much space, but good concrete. Children from all the village were brought to my place. There were 15. Adults couldn’t fit, they just tried to save children. They sat quietly, not crying. Darkness, silence, bombs. Terrible to remember. When, for 20 minutes, everything became calm, we went out onto the street. Some shells did not explode, and were lying at the door of the basement. My daughter took them in her arms and carried them away from the place of residence of the children. Such huge shells, heavy…

When everything became quiet, when Ukrainians were chased away, we took the children out. My daughter is 30, and during these few days her hair became completely gray. It wasn’t visible in the basement, only when we came out into the daylight…

The woman began to gather her things, as soon it was her stop, and I had to continue. I looked at her… she was in tears, there were even wet traces of tears on her t-shirt.

In parting, the woman smiled and said, “And me, I painted the shed. I found Soviet paint in the house. From several cans, all mixed, had a wonderful color. Good Luck To You. Live long, do not be afraid, everything will be fine.”

…”Today I visited people in Dokuchaevsk. An incendiary shell broke glass, and from the wall it rebounded onto the bed where the elderly woman was sleeping. The bed caught fire. People were in time to extinguish it. The voice of her husband from the next room:

“Who came? The OSCE?”

“No,” said the woman. “Journalist!”

“Dont’ let the OSCE in the house, I will kill them,” the husband said quietly.

And this photo is from the settlement of Zaytsevo. Here are such “flowers” in the school yard now:

In these photos – arrival of a shell in a yard on Odintsova Street. Windows and cars are broken, pets perished…

“When Ukrainian politicians and those who suck-off the politicians claim that they will burn people in Crimea, build a concentration camp in Donetsk. Remember: they say it not because they’re crazy. It is going on as a deliberate incitement of ethnic hatred. They make such statements to push people’s foreheads. They crave to continue the war. War is business for these talkers. Their children do not sit under the “artillery”, their children are far away and safe…” said Irina Lashkevich.

By the way, currently on the territory of the DPR, specialists in mine clearing are in high demand. Because those whose “children are far away and safe” leave a mass of deadly “toys” for the children who by a twist of fate are obliged to remain in the combat zone. For the latter (as for adults) – here is small memo from a military minesweeper with the call sign “Miner” about the basic security measures that civilians must comply with:

“Walk only on the asphalt. There are mine-traps that can discharge about 80 grams of TNT. They have a load, and when the load is removed, such mines explode. Most often in the quality of cargo, fragmentation grenades are used – and it can be anything you want! That’s why it is categorically forbidden to remove anything from the ground, as under the object there may be a mine! I would like this call to inform the careless civilians and especially children and teenagers, so that parents must condition them, in any case, to not lift anything from the ground, because under a thing of peaceful purposes there could be a death trap!”

“Stop the war – you are also human beings, and you also have children”

And finally – one more piece of the appeal of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on July 1st, 2014, published on his official website. For a full, so to speak, cycle:

“I appeal to every resident of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions with a request to understand my decision. Please become allies in returning security in Donbass… Our peaceful plan as a strategy for Ukraine and Donbass remains in force: disarmament, decentralization, the free use of the Russian language, restoring lost housing at the expense of the state, using the EU program for the creation of new jobs, and we are even ready to return to a ceasefire at any moment. 

When we will see that all parties adhere to implementation of the main points of the peaceful plan, and that the fighters release hostages, when we will see that also on the other side of the Eastern border, the red light is shown to saboteurs and arms suppliers, and when we will see that the OSCE is monitoring adherence to the ceasefire regime. Dear compatriots! The road to peace has proven to be more complicated than we expected. I don’t want to embellish reality. It will be difficult and challenging. We, as never before, should unite to protect Ukraine. It requires dedication and discipline not only at the forefront, but also in the rear. But there is always peace after war. And it will happen now. Glory To Ukraine!”

Glory to bastards! To inglorious bastards – to President alcoholic and his junta, the “Ukrainian Army”, to the jackals from the OSCE, to Ukrainian presstitutes… To all of those who have the blood of the civilian population of Donbass on their conscience…

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