Insignificance Divided by Zero

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

29th June, 2016


In Odessa one more “patriotic” move took place. Dozens of youngsters working clearly for money, and therefore hiding their mischievous faces behind masks, marched through the center of the town screaming “Moskals on knives!” and other such criminal slogans.

Generally speaking, already only for such public calls for the use of bladed weapons against people of a determined ethnic origin, this group of provocateurs must be subjected to immediate arrest and conviction under the laws of Ukraine itself a priori.

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But the local police, which recently recruited exactly the same eurocriminals, not only did not stop them, but even guarded the gathering. That, however, is not surprising if you consider the meagre number of participants in this and mostly others like these Banderist rallies in the town of millions of citizens. If there was no protection and complete welcoming to these degenerates from the so-called “government”, they would have been simply trampled on by the normal inhabitants of Odessa, for which such Nazi “performances” were never in agreement. And most likely there is no need to trample anybody, because this crud just would not dare to crawl out of their hideouts.

But even now they slither out, or precisely they’re kicked out from there by the same authorities on the urgent need to portray the “impressive progress of Ukrainian mentality” in Odessa. But also these authorities are so retarded that they don’t even know that to yell in an almost entirely Russian city “Moskals on knives!” is not the best way to demonstrate “Odessa’s patriotism.” In contrary, what appears very clear is that this stinking spirit coming from somewhere is foreign and is a stranger for the inhabitants of Odessa. 

Meanwhile, the real Odessa is still very far from such national-schizoid moods. And furthermore, it is noticed, even a gradual sobering up of even the small portion of the local population, which, at the time, allowed themselves to be deceived by this mythical “European values” and so-called “Russian aggression”. In 2014, and even in 2015, the impact of the hypnosis of mass propaganda manifested itself not only in the relative popularity of the “patriot gatherings”, but in a fairly large spread of different kind of “brainwashed symbols”. The impact reached the level when it was considered suspicious not raising “yellow-blue” flag on every balcony. For this you could even receive a stone at the window from very uncontrolled “patriots”. Nowadays, images of Ukrainian flags, other trinkets and stones at the window is almost directly opposite. Here is what the inhabitants of Odessa themselves write about it:

Alexander Levitin

Ukrainian symbols are much less than as it was even a year ago, and of course less than in 2014. But the majority of Odessites prefer not to publicly express their hatred of what is happening in the country, except the elderly.

Svetlana Kovaleva

Ukr. symbolism is found only in places congested with tourists and after special events: a march of embroidered shirts, concert of Okean Elzy, etc.

Here we should notice that besides such “stimulus”, like a stone into a window, mostly what influences the mood of Odessa’s people, for sure, is a complete failure of the self-proclaimed Kiev authorities on all counts, which today becomes so obvious that in a decent society it’s even not discussed. True, some still put their hope on the election and that this criminal rabble, impudently calling themselves “Ukrainian power”, will peacefully and voluntarily give back the captured with the power of weapons in other hands. However, residents of the city with prudence and foresight characteristic of them, ahead of time they hide the symbols of this bankrupt regime in the darkest closets, simply because nobody wants to be the last fool in Odessa.

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