Italian cartoonists view Italy’s dealings with Germany and the US…

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Cartoon without words. Italian PM Matteo Renzi stomps on the late Bettino Craxi, as Italy becomes a US aircraft carrier.

Background: Craxi, when PM of Italy, refused flyover rights to the US for  airstrikes on Libya. In February this year, Renzi authorized US drone flights to Syria/Iraq out of the NATO base in Sigonella, Sicily. Could be titled “Over Craxi’s dead body.” 

“Cartoon of the week, by Breccia, for ‘The Intellectual Dissident.”

Matteo Renzi: “Merkel and I, we understand each other very well”

Interviewer: “But, do you speak German?”

Renzi: “It’s enough to just keep saying ‘Yes.’

“I’ll do it all by myself!”

From 2012, in the middle of Mario Monti’s premiership. Unelected, he became PM of Italy [2011-2013], with a cabinet of similarly unelected moneymen/technocrats. He made himself Minister of Economy as well, and introduced anti-labor austerity measures similar to what the French government is currently attempting. Cf. Monti.

Backgrounders and translation from Italian by Tom Winter

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