It’s time to thank the USA


Ronald ZONCA, in Boulevard Voltaire, June 18, 2016
Translated from French by Tom Winter

To reinforce the Pentagon’s stranglehold on Europe, we are being rushed into a new cold war.

They’re going to hold a NATO summit in Warsaw July 8-9, after the huge Anaconda exercises, a summit in the context of russophobic hysteria in Poland and the Baltic countries, a russophobia maintained by Washington. 

To reinforce the Pentagon’s stranglehold on Europe, we are rushed into a new Cold War. The media will take care of selling us the scenario of Yankee blue tunics protecting our widows and orphans against the wicked wild west Russian indians. 

We pay a high price for this “protection” from the US: our economic weakening, our role as captive customer for the American military-industrial complex, and a total discrediting of the European political sphere. And lately Barack Obama has asked the alliance countries to increase their NATO contributions to alleviate those of the USA. This will be the prisoners paying the salaries of their jailers.

The US is multiplying provocations against Russia, such as air and sea patrols in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea, gesturing through ever more important exercises at the borders of Russia, emplacing a missile facility in Romania and soon in Poland, installing a base for Navy Seal commandos in Bulgaria facing the Crimea, and the like.

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General Vincent Desportes has rightly pointed to the danger of the postures and recent actions of NATO. Other generals prefer to think of a golden retirement in the armaments industry. Some are flattered by the thickness of their dossiers of the commands they collect, and their degree of submission to the Atlanticist orthodoxy.

It is the forfeit of European politicians who, by their refusal to assume the obligations of their office, have led us to the edge of the cliff. 

Technically, NATO armed countries have learned to communicate and cooperate together. These countries are now able to coordinate themselves. Our policies must stop believing in imaginary threats and take into account the reality of a multipolar world. The USA designates who the enemy is — but the enemy is just the obstacle to their desire for economic hegemony that, more and more, is undermining our businesses.

It is time to abandon this type of alliance where all countries are committed to the follies of one. By shooting down the Russian plane, Mr. Erdoğan has, for instance, made us a brilliant demonstration of the danger that lies in automatic engagement treaties.

France should not get out of NATO but should instead create an area of cooperation, coordination, and diplomacy in a Europe where each country, and its own interests, would be respected. Rather than manage a teenager’s crisis by rejecting NATO to nothingness, the NATO European countries should grow up into adults and create a new joint military space on the model of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.

France, a nuclear power and a major armed force, must lead the development of this structure. It’s time to thank the USA for all the “benefits” they have done for “their Europe” and make our own area for European defense, acting for the sole benefit of the peoples of Europe.

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