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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

1st June, 2016


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101 children’s lives were claimed by Ukrainian aggression against us. More than two hundred children received injuries of varying severity from the war, unleashed by Ukraine against us.

You know, for me personally, “Madonna of Gorlovka” is a kind of symbol of the dead children here at the hands of UAF in the DPR. The 23 year old Kristina and her 10-month-old daughter Kira were killed on 27th Jul 2014 when the Ukrainian punitive army fired artillery on the ordinary city of Gorlovka – in the quadrant.

“Yes, July 27. I will never forget this day. Five in the morning, the first shelling, the shells on Korolenko, near my house (God saved us – the rocket did not explode) and the territory of addiction treatment center (formerly TB clinic). At 13.30 — second attack, the area of “Melody” shop and medical school (then a mother with a baby was killed in the park in front of her husband) [speaking of Kristina and her daughter] and the third attack — from 18.00 (as we traveled by car from Gorlovka to Donetsk). I called my mom, she was in tears, thought that I could get killed. At that time mother was in Dzerzhinsk, Magdalynovka (near Mayorsk), and she saw Ukrainian “Grads” with her own eyes, continuously firing on Gorlovka. People were just hysterical. The attack continued until night. Chaotic. All over the city. On this day there were the most killed and wounded residents of Gorlovka,” – from the memoirs of blogger Yana Malkovo, from Gorlovka.

Vanya Voronov in particular, who lost both feet and a hand, became a symbol of our children suffering from the wounds inflicted by the purposeful Ukrainian war against all of us.

The eight-year-old child was injured by an exploding shell in the yard of his house where he played with his brother. Vanya’s brother Timothy died on the spot. The shell killed the stepfather and the boys. Ivan lost his right arm and both legs. Dust and debris went into his eyes.

I want to mention – this was all purposefully done by Ukrainian nazis, as at the beginning the leader of the Ukrainian junta Petro Poroshenko said Donbass children will not learn, they will not have homes, parents, and they will live in the basement. The so-called Ukrainian soldiers carried out the will of their President.

But one of the symbols of Ukrainian aggression for me, is a Ukrainian “hero” – General Kulchitsky. In Ukraine, this scum is considered a model of courage for Ukrainian officers. And really, he probably was the first who shot at civilians from a helicopter in the outskirts of Slavyansk with a smile on his face. It was with a smile on his face simply because he liked it. I even doubt that he was a supporter of “Nazi ideas”, he just liked to kill with impunity, and the Maidan “popular” power provided him with the opportunity.

Here he is in a photo, some days before the moment when the rebels “shot down” the chopper, sending Kulchitsky to hell and other punishers flying in it.

Yesterday, John Connor, a friend of mine, and photographer El Latte were at the airport, where they were under the threat of Ukrainian shelling, which calmed down for a while yesterday. Activists from the military and emergency workers had painted a picture on the wall – a symbol of the #101 flash mob.

And in the morning there was great news for me – the news about the support of our campaign in the hero city of Odessa, temporarily occupied by the United States and their Ukrainian neo-nazi henchmen.

I’m sure in many cities there is support for these actions. Ukrainian aggression will never be forgotten. This will not be forgotten. Ukraine will remain in our memories now forever as a monster that kills children. They cannot wash away this blood.

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