Kiev gay march protected by thousands of police, but Donbass vigils are out of the question


June 15, 2016 – 

Polina Orlovskaya, Komsomolskaya Pravda – 

Translated by Ollie Richardson and J. Arnoldski

On June 12th in Kiev, under heavy security provided by 6000 police and 2.5 thousand national guardsmen, a gay pride parade was held. Far-right radicals and nationalists threatened to disrupt the event widely proclaimed by the LGBT community of Ukraine, but failed. Police professionally thwarted all attempts to organize a bloody mess in Kiev.

The gathering marchers arrived from all over Ukraine, starting at nine in the morning, near the red building of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev. But at eight in the morning the “Universitet” metro station and Leo Tolstoy square were closed. The police also blocked the entrance to the station courtyards, completely cutting off all attempts to break through to the participants. A small section between two subway stations could easily be called a friendly sprint race with cops and gays. It took no more than an hour for everything.

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Yesterday the majority of radicals from the OUN and the UNA-UNSO and “Right Sector” sent out fierce threats and even death threats to the participants. The head of police, Khatia Dekanoidze, promised not to allow anything of the sort and her promise was realized: there was unprecedented protection for the non-traditional sexual orientation action as if they were the most important people in the country. Almost stars. They themselves felt this judging by the cheerful mood of the audience. 

Protecting ordinary citizens who suffer from criminal tyranny in the capital of Ukraine became optional long ago. The quite peaceful opponents of the rally, by no means radicals, were practically not allowed to reach the LGBT column consisting of 500 people. 

“We have people who will not come out for normal values and families because they are afraid. In Ukraine, after two and a half years, the majority do not have normal voting rights, and cannot say what they think about this shame,” the 60 year old woman said.

“Who threatens you? Who do we have here with us who you are afraid of?” said a young man in a T-shirt, a participant of the march, aggressively objecting to the point of literally shoving the pensioner.

“All of this is being done against the will of the Ukrainian people,” said a middle-aged man supporting the woman. “And like you, corrupt journalists do all they can so that sodomy is in our country. We, unlike you in Europe, don’t want it, we don’t want it like it is in Sweden, like in Norway, where soon there will be no normal, traditional families,” said the heated man.

A police officer commented on the gay parade: “I don’t understand why we protect this whole zoo.”

Seeing that a conflict was brewing, police literally pushed back strict adherents of family values on the sidewalk from the participants of the “sacred march”.

“From 12 years old, I felt that I am a man, not a girl, and was even willing to change my name to a man’s. I wanted the aggression in our direction to turn at least neutral, but in fact, my dream is same-sex marriage in Ukraine, ” said the girl – boy, still named Anya, sharing his thoughts.

MPs, politicians, and representatives of embassies “ran” with the head of the LGBT column. Also appearing at the march was the well-known human rights activist and lawyer Tetiana Montian, whom our KP correspondent spoke to: 

“But if a march was organized in Kiev in defense of the residents of Donbass, would they be allowed to so freely march around Kiev?” 

To which the lawyer replied:

“It is no secret that we all have double standards. For a start, most likely the city council would not allow this march (recall that only the “Immortal regiment” march was approved with mayor V. Klitschko after a month). Only St. George ribbons can be torn and girls beat with impunity. You can still bludgeon grandmothers and veterans. It is far from likely that Kiev would allow such a march,” the lawyer summarized. 

The majority of policemen languished and sweated from their lack of demand during the hour-long action. A couple of attempts by radicals to break through to the gays were stopped immediately. Forming a “turtle,” law-enforcement officers disarmed and arrested the “warriors against sodomy and debauchery.” The head of the National Police, Khatiya Dekanoidze, watched her subordinates from the epicenter of events and handed out instructions or reported to someone on her cell phone. Her Georgian accent was clearly audible. 

“Khatiya, do you like what you’ve done in Kiev?”, yelled someone from the small group of opponents of the march. The official did not feel the need to reply, but she did tell journalists that she was proud of the actions of “her officers” who managed to detain and neutralize more than 57 people preparing unrest. 

“I really don’t understand  why we are protecting this whole zoo and why they decided to stroll around today,” an officer, the chief of a company of police, complained. “Everyone perfectly knows that no one in Ukraine accepts this perversion, but orders are orders.” 

Tired, he continued to talk with someone on the radio: “Come on, direct them to the metro and lead these lesbians to the end so that they can party until nighttime.” 

No one was really allowed to party, however. The majority of LGBT activists waited for buses at the end of the march around which people yelled at them: “Shame, shame!” Afterwards, everything was quiet. As it became known later, however, some of the marchers had been followed by radicals to the metro station in an attempt to make their safari difficult but this “festival” didn’t take place.

With a little stretch, it can be said that Kiev passed this small test of coveted “Europeanness.” And maybe Ukraine will get its prolonged, indefinitely postponed visa-free regime. Otherwise, if a single hair falls of the head of a gay, then Ukraine won’t see any of Europe…

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