Lavrov, Kerry discuss cooperation in Syria during US-initiated call


June 13, 2016 – 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation – 
Translated by J. Arnoldski

On June 13th, on American initiative, a telephone conversation was held between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation S.V. Lavrov and the US Secretary of State John Kerry.

The situation in Syria was discussed, including the possibility of Russian-American cooperation in the struggle against active terrorist organizations. Lavrov once again stressed the need of the US to quickly disassociate itself from the Syrian anti-government forces orientated towards it such as the Jebat Al-Nusra grouping linked to Al-Qaeda and currently leading offensive operations under the guise of “moderate” opposition units. Lavrov also pointed to the inadmissibility of supplies coming to terrorists across the open border with Turkey.

Other international problems, including the topic of the conflict in Ukraine, were considered along with some issues of bilateral relations.

S.V. Lavrov expressed his sincere condolences to the US Secretary of State in connection with the bloody crime in Orlando which killed dozens of people. 

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