Leaked documents show new corruption, smuggling scandals in Poroshenko government

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June 3, 2016 – 

Politeka – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski 

“Now that the topic of the Party of Region’s “black accounting” is once again being heard, I will tell you a story about some revealing documents,” the politician Viktor Baloga wrote on his Facebook page on May 31st. 

“In October 2015, I passed on some 109 pages worth of documents about smuggling in Transcarpathia to Mr. Trepak, in which there were names of border crossing points across which illegal cargo flows, as well s dates, invoice copies, and the names of officials and even photos of smuggled goods,” Baloga writes.

Baloga reports that these documents contain specific examples with serious evidence that show how brand clothing from Italy is imported under the guise of rags from Bangladesh and China and which specific law enforcement officials stand behind this whose relatives work as customs brokers.

The politician writes that more than six months have passed since then. “Has anyone heard anything about high-profile resignations, criminal proceedings, and arrests? I personally haven’t heard anything. The SBU only managed to give a formal reply to the effect of ‘this issue is not in our jurisdiction,” Baloga emphasizes. 

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The political stated: “Therefore, I’m not so much skeptical as to the “black accounting” of the Party of Region itself as I am in regards to something which has for some reason just now appeared.”

There are more than a few questions to be asked on this topic, Baloga writes.

  1. These documents were left lying around somewhere for two years. Anyone who needed to know knew and  those who needed them received them. And everyone was satisfied. 
  2. The majority of the names on the list are decommissioned pilots, whose services are not needed. 
  3. If these documents have been so long in the hands of the security services, then why to this day are members of the Central Electoral Commission not in prison? After all, as opposed to sociologists and PR consultants, these individuals receiving money from a political party is a clear crime.
  4. Let’s say that just now the time has come to tell the public who ate from the hands of Yanukovich. Why has the information been dosed? This is not so much a triumph of justice as it is blackmailing of those whose names have not yet been announced.

The politician adds that if one takes a look at the pool of Bankovaya street’s experts, the subjects in the news, and at the MP’s who have abruptly begun to love the government and win the coalition, and if one looks at the Central Electoral Commission which has for months refused to believe that Yeremeev is no longer alive, then it becomes clear that the Bloc of Petr Poroshenko is working with the same methods. Moreover, in his time Yanukovich financed some political projects, and now Poroshenko is financing “Our Land,” “Freedom of the People,” and the Agrarian Party. Consequently, this “black accounting” has to be somewhere.

All of this is nothing other than a new “Melnichenko cassette scandal.” In any normal country, the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission who appeared in such documents would be arrested immediately. But in our country he gets state awards, continues to serve, and maybe even earns the same amount. Only this time from a different cashier….

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