MH17 Commission’s Precarious Situation


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

15th June, 2016

As was reported by the International Commission that is investigating the causes of the crash of flight MH17, a large part of a BUK missile was found at the crash site.

Specialists declared they that found the back of a missile through which gases burnt in the process of the active phase of the flight. The international group of investigation expects the specification on the missile system to be from the Russian side.

It was found, in essence, what is the nozzle of the missile that brought down the Malaysian Boeing:

According to investigators, the rocket could have been fired at the plane by accident.

Well. Once the conversation started about the “random start”, it became clear that even the investigators think that Ukraine fired it. Even more juicy is that the Commission declared that it has “no experience in investigating this kind of “complex” incident”. Which, when translated into Russian, means that the Commission does NOT WANT to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR FORMALLY ACCUSING RUSSIA. Why? It’s very simple – because, no doubt, Russia has irrefutable data about the incident. And she does not present it for only one reason – for what reason, generally, do we shove a puppy’s nose in his small heap left on the carpet? Russia gives the west the possibility to cover itself entirely in their own shit.

This commission today is in a precarious situation – to announce the truth, that it is Ukraine that shot it down; it can’t do it because of political motives. If somehow, they try to falsify data persuasively and announce Russia as a culprit, as a result, it would mean that the world would immediately receive absolute proof from Russia that the Boeing was downed by the Ukrainian army.

You can’t feel sorry for freaks, and you can’t envy them.

P.S. A very good question was asked in the debate: where did the “tube” of the solid-fuel rocket motor that can withstand 20-fold overload and the pressure of the gas powder checkers at a high temperature go? It disappeared by itself?

The response is, meanwhile, as simple as the song: where should the wreckage fall? That’s right, on the territory of Donbass. Obviously. Probably the pipe was found. Who has it, guess three times? Right. It’s a rhetorical question – it is the “rebels”, i.e. Russia. And it lies somewhere in the store with all the numbers and attributes – that is, with a full, “notarized” signature. And will be presented at the right time.

Moreover, it is likely that the nozzle was “left to be found” with the aim that afterwards the commission cannot reject the pipe.

P.P.S. And there is a little detail that I overlooked: the EXAMINATION SHOWED THAT the 9M38 MISSILE THAT BELONGS to the FOUND NOZZLE AND OTHER WRECKAGE, of WHICH there are MANY (!) WAS MANUFACTURED BEFORE 1986… In Russia the missile was decommissioned in 2011, whereas this is the main type of missile for the BUK in Ukraine. Ukraine handed over, in 2008, about 100 rockets to Georgia and has itself 504 9M38 missiles plus 991 9M38M1 missiles.

Almaz-Antey said from the beginning that the Boeing was shot down by a 9M38 missile. Today it is confirmed in the West.

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