“No one is waiting for us”: Ukrainian “Eurointegrator” resigns over Brexit


June 26, 2016 – 

RusVesna – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

Deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada committee on Eurointegration, Andrey Artemenko, announced live on Shuster’s talk show on Ukrainian TV that he had resigned, the reason being the results of the UK referendum on leaving the EU.

“Thanks to one of the former presidents, one of the former parties, we came up with the myth of membership in the EU,” Artemenko accused Yanukovich for refusing this idea at the last minute.

“Guests go when they are invited. I have not heard a single speech, nor a single political figure who has said ‘We invite Ukraine to join the EU.’ Not a single one.,” the deputy suddenly exclaimed.

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Therefore, membership in the EU is not something waiting for Ukraine in the foreseeable future,” he drew the logical conclusion.

Artemenko then began to let loose a stream of burning truth, for saying which in Ukraine today someone can earn the stigma of being a “separatist”:

“Secondly, the [problem is] the discriminatory association agreement which Ukraine signed and which under the guise of Eurostandards is forcing the economy to be completed changed (and our politicians say that they are carrying out all the initiatives needed at the top as allegedly demanded by the EU). Under this slogan, the most terrible things are happening, hence the following conclusion…Until today, I was the deputy chairman of the committee for European integration. Following Cameron’s speech today, which pierced me deep in the heart as when any person, responsible politician, comes out and declares resignation, I don’t have the right to remain a member of the committee on European integration, or be its deputy, so I am resigning from this committee and I believe that the policies pursued by our government are mistaken.”

The former “Eurointegrator” continued: “We don’t have the right to strive to get somewhere where no one has invited us.” 

“This is a unique chance for Ukraine to understand who are our enemies and who are our friends, and start to rely only on ourselves. No one will help us. In this gravest hour of our history, we must unite,” Artemenko stated during the talk show. 

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