No, You Can’t: “All We Can” Ukrainian propaganda report exposed

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June 22, 2016 – 

eastdiary, LiveJournal – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

“‘All We Can'” – the difficulty of TSN’s translation work”

I stumbled upon a posh TSN report which says that those militiamen who have become disappointed with their ideas and once again fallen in love with Ukraine are shooting Ukrainian positions with mortars with unscrewed fuses and writing on them “This is all we can do.” Let’s analyze everything in order.

Of course, this is a fake, since the inscription goes on top of where the mine came into contact with the barrel – the paint “got lucky”, and there is no inscription marker. We could finish with this, but I’d like to talk about a number of interesting points revealed by this fake.

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The first of them is that the audience of such fakes is, of course, Ukrainians. The inscription on the mortar alleged to have been made by disillusioned DPR fighters was written in Ukrainian so that the audience would understand. Moreover, TSN is aimed at some kind of semi-imaginary Ukrainians, since even the ATO fighter from the report speaks Russian.

The second point is the complete lack of thought of the mechanics of the fake. The mortar is not an individual weapon. As follows, there must be a whole disillusioned mortar detachment in the DPR Army writing messages to Ukrainians on mortars. 

The third, and most ridiculous in my opinion, is that this is really a projection of the moods and shortcomings of the Ukrainian army and society upon the DPR. In Ukraine, people are called to the army who don’t want to go there, while the DPR’s army is exclusively made up of volunteers. Those who have become disappointed with something in the DPR have no reason to still be at the front. But the authors of this story either simply don’t know this, or this is just something understandable for the Ukrainian audience which lives with forced mobilizations and soldiers who don’t de-mobilize despite all the protests of their relatives. 

These are the difficulties of translations from TSN. 

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