Odessa Regional Council Contradicts Poroshenko, Insists On “Special Relationship” With Kiev

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

17th June, 2016


Deputies of the Odessa regional council decided not to abandon their intentions to seek a contractual relations with the Central authorities of Ukraine.

On June 17th, during a session, the regional assembly did not support the draft decision to abolish its decision made on 26th May “on the address made by deputies of the Odessa regional council to the President and the Prime Minister of Ukraine regarding the need to conclude agreements on the division of power between the Cabinet of Ministers, the regional state administration, and the regional council”.

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Only 34 deputies were for the cancellation of the previous decision, including supporter of the address at the meeting Oleg Kutateladze. It was opposed by the first Deputy Chairman of the regional council Oleg Radkovsky, noting that the agreements with Kiev will allow “a more active participation in the formation of the budget and control  of planning for administrative-territorial reform”.

As a reminder, in Odessa, the initiator of the session questioning contractual relations with the center was precisely Radkovskiy, representing the “Fatherland” faction . Largely thanks to his votes, the draft decision was accepted.

In early June the President of Ukraine Poroshenko said that the desire of the Odessa, Zhitomir, and Kirovograd regional councils to conclude these agreements are contrary to the norms of the Constitution.

“There will not be any contracts between the President and the regional councils,” he said.

However, literally after just a few days, despite the visit of the President,  Khmelnitsky regional council approved the appeal to the Central authorities on the separation of powers.

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