On Children’s Day – Let the World Remember the Children of Donbass

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

1st June, 2016


There is no worse crime in the world than the murder of children. No cause in the world, no bright dreams, no “This is Europe” (Ukrainian word to show how “European” Ukraine is – O.R) can justify the death of even a single innocent child. Such crimes have no mandate of limitations and cannot be forgiven either on earth or in heaven.

On 1st June, day of defending children, the residents of Donbass and simple caring people are encouraged to honor the memory of kids who were killed in two years of conflict in the South-East, being victims of the new Ukrainian regime. Since Kiev does not want to look at the children who have been killed, it is necessary to find any possible way to draw the world’s attention to the woes of Donbass.

Prior to day of defending children, young artists from Donetsk had an idea. At first they had planned to put a huge picture of children’s portraits on one of the walls facing towards the runway of Donetsk airport. But while preparing to work, another Ukrainian shell came just a few dozen meters away from artists and correspondents on the second floor of the building of the new terminal. Therefore, the works were moved to the roof of the parking area, which is also significantly affected by grenades and shells of various calibers, but even so, it is more secure. Suffering from the heat and scorching sun, and not being able to remove armor, as bombs continued to explode, a group of young enthusiasts continued work for a few hours.

Artists painted on the roof of the terminal a huge picture that will be noticeable to reconnaissance drones and even on the images from space satellites. The figure is based on the work of Russian children’s photographer Diana Ostroverhova. It depicts the girls portrait, which shines through the silhouette of a starry sky – near it is the number “#101”. That’s the number of children, according to official figures, killed during the conflict in the Donetsk and Lugansk republics.

A stencil was uploaded to the website of the public movement “Donetsk Republic”, which can be downloaded and printed by anyone who wishes to support the call for a cessation of hostilities as a sign of solidarity with those who oppose the killing of children in Donbass.

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On May 28th, the hacker group “Sprut” also held a rally on the Day of defending children. The aim of the campaign is to tell the truth to the people of Ukraine and urge Ukrainians to join the resistance to the Kiev regime. In a kind of protest, hackers from “Sprut” hacked the official websites of three regional state administrations of Ukraine – Lviv, Zhytomyr, and Chernivtsi regions. In the end, instead of the usual news and announcements on the public websites there was a video about children who died during the conflict in Donbass.

“We want to coincide this action with Children’s Day on 1st June. Take care of your kids!”, reported the cyber group. “We, “Sprut”, the Ukrainian Community of Combating Terrorism. We, “Sprut”, are a group that is not indifferent to what is happening, and set out to show people the truth,” they say about themselves.

In addition, the hackers urged ordinary Ukrainians to join their goals, and work together to fight crime.

“The cynicism of the Kiev authorities comes to an apogee. In addition, they wear different masks, to adopt the rules of the host country. This is Satanism. In the Bible, Satan has many faces. So today is a Holy war against Poroshenko & Co. And “democrats” realize that they will lose. Their days are numbered”, considers the of deputy the third convocations of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, co-founder of International Rescue Committee of Ukraine Vladimir Oleinik.

After looking at pictures and videos of these murdered children, a normal person cannot remain indifferent.

It is impossible, being a normal person, to accept such a state of things, when the army with heavy equipment freely shoots artillery fire of all calibers on civilians and young children.

It is impossible, after seeing the footage, to continue to find excuses for the massacre, which has killed hundreds of innocent children, and to explain it as some mythical struggle for the “bright European future” of the country.

Because there can be no bright future in a country that justifies the killing of children.

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