OSCE Complicit in Capture of DPR Mine Sappers

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

30th June, 2016


On the evening of 28th June, information appeared  in the media about the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Shirokino near Mariupol capturing eight DPR soldiers, who allegedly led intelligence activities on the territory controlled by Ukraine. In addition, it was reported that in a special operation the Ukrainian military killed two of the militia.

Adviser to the head of the SBU Yury Tandit confirmed the information about the sabotage, stating that during the detention of the DPR military personnel, they were asked to surrender their weapons, and those who did not comply were killed on the spot.

Representative of administration of the Ukrainian President on issues of the so-called ATO Alexander Motuzyanik also commented on this incident. He reported that they were taken prisoner by soldiers of the 9th separate motorized rifle assault corps (Novoazovsk). He said the names of all the detainees captured, the youngest of them is only 21 years old, and the oldest is 49. Motuzyanik said that the militias were captured in the village of Vodyane, near Shirokino.

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For its part, there is information about the capture near the village of Shirokino of eight DPR soldiers, and two are confirmed killed in the defence of the DPR. The Deputy Commander of the operational command of the DPR Eduard Basurin reported that it happened when the engineering unit of a separate unit of the DPR was conducting routine mine clearance in coordination with the OSCE mission in the area of the front of the Shirokino village. Specifically, in order to capture the bomb squad, the reconnaissance group of the 54th brigade of the UAF and a division of the volunteer unit of the Ukrainian army moved forward to the specified area.

“In the area of Shirokino, on June 27th, an engineering unit of a separate unit of the DPR conducted routine clearance in coordination with the OSCE mission. Under the cover of artillery fire, to capture the bomb squad, the reconnaissance group of the 54th brigade of the UAF and a division of a volunteer unit of the Ukrainian army moved forward to the specified area. As a result of the artillery fire, two soldiers of the DPR were killed and eight were seriously wounded, and they, not being able to resist, were taken prisoner,” said Basurin.

He added that the Ukrainian side was informed that Kiev had information about the time and place of the demining in Shirokino. “Knowing the place and time of the work, the Ukrainian command gave the order to open artillery fire in this area,” said the Deputy commander.

At the moment the representatives of the DPR Ministry of Defence have evacuated the bodies of the sappers, who died as a result of shelling by the UAF at the frontline near the Shirokino village. The dead were sent to the morgue in the urban village of Starobeshevo.

The baseness and insidiousness in the capture of the DPR sappers, which were conducting demining activities with prior notice to the OSCE and the Ukrainian Army, once again confirm that the current Kiev command led by Poroshenko and Co. are generally useless to agree about something. It is understandable that after such diversions, the people of Donbass don’t want to hear about any trust or compromise with the current Kiev authorities.

“Of course, with the current government and the absence of trust towards it, Donetsk citizens won’t allow anybody to take control of the border, because they will take the border at day, and at night everything will be carved out. It is necessary to conduct direct negotiations with Donbass. It is very important to seek, above all, trust among the people. The current government in the eyes of the Donetsk is like a stepmother, they will not speak with her,” said the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of three convocations, co-founder of Committee of Rescue of Ukraine Volodymyr Oleinik.

Despite the fact that the whole world insists on the necessity of fulfilling Minsk 2, the government in Kiev neither thinks about any truce or the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Despite claiming their commitment to peace, the Ukrainian authorities continue to try to take Donbass by military means, moreover, already they are even not ashamed in the presence of international observers and do not bother to imitate a truce.

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