Putin: “European Union is Russia’s friend. NATO is the problem”

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In Contra Magazin, June 20, 2016 
Translated from German By Tom Winter, June 23, 2016

In a keynote speech Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the United States wants to drive a wedge between Russia and Europe, by means of NATO. That policy is nothing new, but was operated both in the Cold War and in World War II. Further, the President favors a Eurasian economic area.

By Christian Saarländer
In his hometown of St. Petersburg Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the US is constantly working through transatlantic alliances to drive a wedge between Russia and Europe. The President may in that regard point to such advisers to the American government as, among others, Stratfor, which is known as so-called “shadow CIA”. George Friedman recently said that the US may have to drive a wedge between Germany and Russia, so that the US does not lose its influence in Europe.*

President Putin continues his efforts to improve the relations between Russia and the EU and has not lost sight of a goal of a Eurasian economic region between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. 

But Putin warned at the same time that the EU, because of its sanctions policy, is not holding to their agreements. Just this weekend, on grounds of the Crimea, the European Commission extended its sanctions, an act again welcomed by the US. 

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This is just one of many examples where the US instigates EU leaders to an anti-Russian policy. All other points that have been raised on the twentieth Petersburg Economic Forum, can be retrieved on Sputnik.

* The reference is to a speech given in March, 2015:


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