Russia Has Reduced the American Super Weapon to Zero

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Translated by Soviet Bear for Fort Russ

June 3rd 2016

There is a euphoria of the first successes in the creation of new types of weapons in military-scientific circles in the US. In a familiar manner, the Americans dubbed their discovery the “superweapon”.

It is a humongous and bulky installation, which is capable of firing a projectile under the influence of the electromagnetic field. First results of the tests demonstrated good abilities of the American invention. This significantly enhances the combat power of the weapon, unlike traditional ones, which uses powder charges.

The American military has already hastened to declare, that all the power of the new invention will be directed against Russia in Europe and China in Asia. It is likely that such statements can cause tremors in the knees of an ignorant person. However, such intimidation should be treated with some skepticism. There are two reasons for this.

The first – the American gun is only at the initial testing stage. Therefore, it is still early to talk about its full capabilities;

The second – Russia has a similar design; it was tested multiple times, but not as advertised.

Consequently, the American “superweapon” is nothing but another simple advertising campaign. Probably the US military as well as their scientists are not interested in the scientific discoveries of the rest of the world.

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What do representatives of the Pentagon say? Their new gun fires a projectile weighing 3 kg at a speed of 2.5 kilometers per second. In contrast to foreign counterpart, Russian design fires a projectile weighing 3 kg with a much faster speed of 6.25 kilometers per second.

Even based on these experimental figures, it becomes clear that American scientists have not created a new “superweapon”. And when you consider that the statements of the US military implied that the weapons will be directed to contain of Russia and China, then we can assume about similar developments in China.

Bulky design of electromagnetic guns, according to Russian engineers, does not allow installing them on combat platforms that are in service. You will need to create a brand new array of land and maritime equipment.

According to scientists of the Russian Federation, the capabilities of the new weapons will allow to destroy space satellites. Guns mounted on the tanks will allow the armored vehicles to be invincible and they will have greater destructive power.

According to the department of armaments and equipment use of the Russian Navy, it is too early to talk about creating a new weapon in both Russia and the United States. Nevertheless, the Americans confidently declare their readiness to create a “new superweapon” in 2020.

The Americans probably should think before they advertise. According to the American press, the US has spent approximately $500 million on this new design. Moreover, to prepare the weapon for practical use they will have to spend another $800 million.

One of their latest blunders is a widely publicized F-35 “superplane”. An aircraft which has not justified hopes and financial assets invested in it and in the end may prove to be the most useless in the history of the United States.

Perhaps not exactly valid comparison, but the American “railgun” could just become another “failgun” for the average American.

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