Russia Is Preparing to Sign the Contract of the Century in the Military Sphere


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

6th June, 2016

Russia is preparing to sign the contract of the century in the military sphere. The details were revealed by Leonid Nersisyan, military correspondent for IA REGNUM.

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It became known that Moscow and Delhi agreed on a new contract for experimental design plans (R&D) for the fifth generation FGFA fighter jet. This jet is created specially for the Indian air force as a double version of new generation Russian T-50 PAK FA fighter jet.

It must be emphasized, said the source, that India has always traded fairly aggressively when signing any military contract. And it must be said that Delhi, as a result of trade, has had some success. Namely, the value of the R&D contract to India has been reduced by about 40% in comparison with the initial proposal. In addition, the Indian side had the opportunity to produce up to 40% of the jet’s components instead of the previously estimated 20%.

According to the expert, the contract involves the supply of 200 Russian FGFA fighters, each worth at least $100 million. If the contract is signed, the deal will be very profitable for Russia, as it will finish the development of its own jets and will put into service a significant number of modern fighters into its own airforce.

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