Russian pensioner writes hopeful letter to Donald Trump

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June 14, 2016 – 

Komsomolskaya Pravda – 

Translated by J. Arnoldski

The pre-election race in America is in full swing. As usual, the struggle for the presidency has collided the representatives of two parties, the Republican and Democratic parties. Far from all Russians follow the elections in America, but one pensioner from Tagil, Feliks Kolsky, is a real fan of Donald Trump’s campaign. He has written a personal letter to Donald.

Feliks Nikolaevich Kolsky worked all his life at the Nizhny Tagil Iron and Steel Works factory as as an ordinary welder. He was a master in the metal-heating shop. He retired 15 years ago and, as time passed, became interested in big politics.

“I closely follow what’s happening here in our country and abroad,” Kolsky told Komsomolskaya Pravda – Ekaterinburg. “I see how the sanctions have affected everyone and the debates on them that are ongoing. In America they all busy themselves with empty chatter. They chat up a bit but don’t push any real programs. But not Trump. He always speaks clearly and to the point. There will be no aggression against Russia, he says, in agreement with us. He want’s to leave NATO and in general I really like his program. So I sent him a letter of support and offered some financial support.”

The elderly man’s pension is quite small, only 14,000 rubles. But Feliks Nikolaevich is an economical person. He’s set aside savings for many years, and now he has around one hundred thousand rubles in his account. Kolsky wanted to spend the money on prosthetic teeth, but realized that the fate of the world is being decided…

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“I’m ready to go on without teeth if only there would be no war. If you look over there at Hillary Clinton, then it’s immediately clear that she is ready to go to war with Russia tomorrow. So it’s our goal for Trump to become the president of the USA. I wrote him the following in my letter: ‘Mr. Trump, if you don’t have enough money for your election campaign, I’m ready to here and now transfer one hundred thousand rubles.’ Among other things, this is no small amount of money,” Feliks Nikolaevich said proudly.

How did this pensioner from Tagil find the address of the American presidential candidate? Of course, on the worldwide web. 

“I looked for where to write to on the internet. I went and bought an envelope and stands, which turned out to cost 60 rubles. Well and I sat down and wrote. First I wrote in Russian, and then my granddaughters helped me translate everything into english. I sealed the envelope and, that’s it, I sent it,” Feliks nikolaevich said with a smile. 

Kolsky has not received a reply yet.

Today, June 14th, Donald Trump celebrates his birthday. The American billionaire is now 70 years old. Almost a year ago, on June 16th, he announced that he was entering the electoral race. Now Donald Trump has officially won the primaries of the Republican Party, thus automatically becoming a candidate for president of the United States. The 70-year-old Trump made his money from his construction company Trump Organization. This favorite of Tagil pensioners has a few hotels and casinos. The presidential candidate’s worth is estimated at 4.5 billion dollars. 

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