Russian Su-34 causes panic among ISIS in Hama


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

19th June, 2016


A Russian SU-34 successfully attacked objects of ISIL in the Syrian province of Hama.

This was reported by “Rusvesna”, citing a military source in Syria.

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At around 5.00 am on June 17th, Su-34 strike aircraft hit ISIS targets in the area of the settlement Qalib al-Thawr.

“The air strike caught the terrorists by surprise, which led to them fleeing, as evidenced by scattered weapons, abandoned automobiles, and light armored vehicles.

The air strikes destroyed 4 defensive positions around the settlement Qalib al-Thawr, 8 pickups with the machine guns, and about 60 militants and ammunition depots. Consolidating the success of the inflicted air strikes, government troops advanced 8 miles and entrenched themselves in the commanding heights,” Rusvesna” was told.

He added that the same morning, in the Northern province of Hama, “air reconnaissance had uncovered and identified a large concentration of vehicles, including mini-trucks mounted with heavy small arms and cargo bays”.

“One strike hit a cluster of vehicles and outposts.  In total, about 45 vehicles, 2 commercial pickups, 10 pickups with machine guns, as well as vans for the transportation of militants were destroyed”.

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