Sergey Veselovsky: No Forgiveness for the Murderers

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

2nd June, 2016


Exactly two years ago, a Ukrainian pilot, on the orders of the Ukrainian government, fired missiles at the city center of Lugansk.

The state of Ukraine deliberately killed its own citizens.

On 2nd June, 2014, a Ukrainian aircraft, during a series of air raids on Lugansk and its suburbs, carried out an airstrike on the building of the Lugansk regional state administration. As a result of the assault hitting the heart of the city, the Lugansk regional state administration building, and the car park at the front and square named after Heroes of the Great Patriotic war, 8 people died (3 males and 5 females), and 28 were injured by shrapnel, some seriously…

Unarmed. Peaceful. They wanted one thing: the state to respect their human and civil rights.

I, Veselovsky Sergei Mikhailovich, declare the following. All citizens of Ukraine, who put on uniforms and took up arms to participate in the genocide called the “ATO”, and those who made decisions about the beginning of this operation, are war criminals who violated the Constitution and trampled on all norms of International Law and morality.

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There can be no justification.

It does not have a Statute of limitations.

Call on the leaders of member states of the UN Security Council, all people of good will

to condemn war criminals,

Ukraine seized by the coup and purposefully destroying the population of this country, by forcing the violent and illegal mobilization of some citizens to kill others.

I ask all who agree with me, to join this statement.

Sergey Veselovsky

Lugansk after the airstrike on 02.06. 2014. What was not included in the OSCE report [18+]:

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