Soloshenko and Afanasiev Fly to Kiev for Exchange With Odessa Prisoners

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

14th June, 2016


Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia Gennady Afanasiev and Yuri Soloshenko will probably be exchanged for two of the defendants in the case on the tragic events in Odessa on 2nd May 2014.

The names of potential candidates for exchange were reported by “Gromadske”.

In jail in Odessa are 5 accused persons, the first one can be exchanged with Ukrainians, is the citizen of Russia Evgeny Mefedov – a 33-year-old native of Yoshkar-Ola, who claims that he was living in Odessa in June 2013, working as a taxi driver, paying the rent for the apartment.

The second candidate, according to media reports, is Elena Glishchinskaya – a Ukrainian citizen who was charged under article 110 of the criminal code for preparing and participating in the organization of the declaration of Bessarabia’s autonomy.

According to investigators, Glishchinskaya visited Moscow with her immediate supervisor – the People’s Deputy Barvinenko – where she received all the guidelines and instructions for the preparation of a “public platform” for the actual separation of Bessarabia from the Odessa region. Glishchinskaya managed to give birth to her child in jail.

As you know, Vladimir Putin and Viktor Medvedchuk spoke about the preparation for exchanging Afanasiev and Soloshenko with those involved in the tragic events in Odessa on 2nd May 2014.

Recall that, according to some media reports, on the 14th June, there will be an exchange involving the Ukrainian prisoners Gennady Afanasiev and Yuri Soloshenko. “Borispol” airport was prepared for the departure of the presidential board.

As was reported by “Obozrevatel“, the media found out when Afanasiev and Soloshenko were to be transferred to Kiev.

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Poroshenko pardoned Odessa journalist sitting in jail for separatism: he’ll be exchanged together with Glishchinskaya

Petro Poroshenko has signed the decree to pardon the Odessa journalist Vitaly Didenko, who in September 2015 received a sentence for separatism. He is needed to be exchanged together with Elena Glishchinskaya for the two Ukrainians convicted in Russia.

Didenko must soon be delivered to one of the airports in Kiev, where Glishchinskaya is already waiting, and where a Russian aircraft is, which should take them to Russia.

In turn, flew into Moscow the plane of airline “Ukraine”, which, according to available information, must pick up in Ukraine convicted of terrorism (the so-called “case of the Crimean terrorists”) citizens of Ukraine Gennady Afanasyev and Yuri Soloshenko. Presumably, they also should be issued by the President of Russia to pardon.

At the same time, the information that, within the framework of this exchange, the citizen accused in the case of May 2nd, Russian Evgeny Mefedov, will leave Ukraine is not confirmed: it seems that he will remain in jail along with the others involved in this case – the Russian Maksim Sakauov. 

It should be noted that Didenko has almost served his sentence (three years of restrained freedom – taking into account the six months in jail and each day of the four days spent in a correctional centre) and in the near future was supposed to be released.


Poroshenko: Soloshenko and Afanasiev  are onboard

Ukrainians Yuri Soloshenko and Gennady Afanasiev, who Russia held prisoner, are flying from Moscow to Ukraine.

This was announced by President Petro Poroshenko on his Facebook page.

“Finally! Yuri Soloshenko and Gennady Afanasiev are already on board a Ukrainian plane departing from Moscow to Ukraine. How long we fought for this moment!” Wrote Poroshenko.

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