They were Just Fighting for “Independence”


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

26th June, 2016


Pictures taken from the proud descendants of “liberators”. Here they are, the heroes of the Ukrainian Nazi’s.

Let’s get acquainted. Ukrainian Liberation Army (UVV). They did not support Nazi Germany, but just wanted to liberate Ukraine. You can notice this on their flags.

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In the photo are the heroes of the first Ukrainian “Galicia” division (At this time, they still shamefully don’t dare to mention these two “SS” letters, but soon, soon the time will come…) proposing a toast to victory. Notice they are wearing Ukrainian uniform, and they are fighting for Ukraine. No relation to the Third Reich.

Uniform of a UVV fighter, on the sleeve is the flag of Ukraine. On the chest, presumably, its coat of arms.

The funeral of a Police Oberwachtmeister from the communications battalion of 35th shooting Ukrainian police regiment. 1943, the city of Pinsk. The Communists are lying, Ukrainians were just fighting for freedom and had nothing to do with the German punitive actions!

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